Stay Teachable

We all have the desire to be seen, heard, understood and appreciated. Conflict is often due to some form of miscommunication or ineffective communication. You and I have the ability to resolve many of the conflicts in our lives and the lives of others when we take the opportunity to listen and consider what is being said. Regardless of the logic contained in the arguments you can peacefully gain control of a situation by listening and offering consideration.

When you offer a degree of affirmation to someone you begin to gain their trust and attention. If there is not an overwhelming degree of certainty to their concerns you can then work together to find what is true. This is true even if you’re dealing with someone who chooses to be an enemy instead a friend.

There is a profound desire we have in any conversation to be heard. So we have to become more focused on listening more than we insistence on talking. Then remember that there’s always some area that each party can affirm to be true about the other position taken. Then you begin to introduce civility, logic and reconciliation to the discussion.

We often try to fix someone’s situation and be their teacher instead of learning and teaching each other. You can not become a teacher until you have become successful as a student. When you are willing to become someone’s student, eventually they’re willing to become yours.