Palin Palling Around with Perry

Before quitting her job as Governor midway during her first term, Sarah Palin promised to help elect other Republicans to office. There are a few Gubernatorial races going on this year and it seems that no one wants to ask Sarah out on a date to campaign, except the Governor of Texas (Go Figure) Rick Perry.

What doesn’t make much political strategic sense for Sarah Palin is to campaign for another Republican during a Republican Gubernatorial Primary? I know its Sarah Palin and logic is not relevant in many decisions, but it’s a Republican Primary, not General Election. Has anyone bothered to ask or even mention the scenario of if Kay Bailey Hutchinson wins the Republican Primary? What do you think the Democrat candidate’s strategists are going to do? Use you to help defeat your fellow and female Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson; a woman who would have been a far better Vice-Presidential choice for John McCain.

Personally I want Gov. Perry to lose and Kay Bailey Hutchinson to lose to, but I rather see her elected than Perry re-elected. There’s not much too many Democrats can do to save Texas from the Republican control, but I wish my fellow Democrat well. Having Sarah Palin may be a blessing in disguise, because you can use her to do your dirty work for you. When she ruins Perry’s chance, you can use it against Hutchinson.

This is not a political wise move Gov. Perry, but have at it. Let’s see how Sarah works out for you.