Living Life Successfully

This is just a passing thought that I would like to share about life up to now.

If I succeed in nothing more in life let me reach the end of this journey knowing that my children will think about me and smile. Not because I’m their father, but because what their father was to them. Then I would have succeeded in life. Let those who knew me remember me with the times I made them laugh or smile. I would like to have people think about the words I spoken and the ones I have written as a reminder to always think and consider others, because it’s not always about you.

Perhaps one or two people who helped me along my way will see how much I appreciated them. Hopefully the few people who disagreed with me may see the same appreciation I have for them too, because it is not always about being first, the best or even the worse. The appreciation will come from knowing that I tried and considered.

In the end, it’s not about who you are or where you’re from or go, but what you are about. Some are money, some are about power, but who’s about considering others? It’s not about what you have, but what you have done for others.

To live a life successfully you must accept yourself. This means everything. It doesn’t mean engaging in foolish pride and leading others to believe that you are something more than what you know your not. It means acknowledging your own faults and transgressions and excusing the same in others. When you can accept who you are you tend to have little problem accepting others.

Living life successfully also means discovering what you were born to do. We often set out to achieve many things in life, but later wonder why weren’t we as successful as we imagined we would be. Perhaps that’s not what you are called to do.

Once you discover what it is you are called to do you are driven by it. You’re always going to be successful in what you’re passionate about. A successful life is not contained in what you may leave, but the way you live.

If you could measure your life to now, what would be its sum?

Will it equal a shallow forgiveness with deep intolerance for those not like you in some way? Will your jealousy measure high and compassion for others rank low? Will you measure long on selfishness and short on generosity? When you are thought of what will people remember most about you? This is the measure of a successful life.

Since we do not know when our time is due, what can you achieve? How are you living? Are you living life successfully?


4 thoughts on “Living Life Successfully

  1. After the life I led, just being alive is the ultimate accomplishment.

    Drugs didn’t get me.
    Nobody shot me yet, though not for lack of effort. Only been stabbed twice. No body sharpens their shanks anymore.

    I’m sure I’m on some Right Wing asshat’s hit list somewhere. Which means that when I finally roll that seven, at least I was doing the right thing for my country and my Lord by opposing their treachery to the death.
    My epitaph will be 50/50.
    For every one that mourns, another will cheer.

    …..Oh, shit. They might eulogize me as a…a…Centrist.
    You know what that means, Purgatory.



    BTW, Tim. You care for your family and what you leave them with much like my father did. Rest assured, they will learn from you and conduct themselves in a fashion that honors you long after we are gone and they run the world.

    1. Well you’re not alone. I’m sure there’s a few people that would cheer when I’m gone too. You have at least one person that would mourn you, because I wouldn’t have anyone else to have my back.

  2. Good post. Success should not always be measured by how much or how many material things you own. When you are dead and gone those things will be given to others. However, you want people to remember you for how you live your life in the now and what you give to others.
    Success means something different to everyone.

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