2009 Tribute to Jam Master Jay

I love this little video clip. I wish I could hear more. I believe I’ll always be a fan of DJing. Some may not understand it or never got into it, but it was fun.

Hip Hop and specifically DJing was my anti-drug, anti-thug, anti-gang, anti-crime. I never had time to get in trouble, because when I wasn’t in school or church I was DJing. All of the hours spent in my room with my headphones on just spinning records. It was the lead motivation for me to even consider audio engineering as a career, a career that didn’t materialize for me, but I tried.

Anyway, I just want to offer this clip as my 2009 tribute to Jason Mizell, Jr. aka Jam Master Jay of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame group RUN-DMC.

Jam Master Jay @ Scratch