Children Need a Loving Parent

If you love your child/children then show your love with respect towards them. If you love your child/children, demonstrate it by forgiving them. If you love your child/children, then be the example of the minimum you hope they will be. If you love your child/children, then illustrated it by listening to them. When you get upset, frustrated or annoyed with your child, take a moment to see yourself in them before you react or respond.

Stop getting so mad and upset with your children and start loving and forgiving them when they make a mistake or bother you in some way. Appreciate who they are and not what you wish they were. Because if you are honest with yourself, you’re not all your parents wanted you to be.

We all get irritated at times with our children by some of the things they do. We all make the mistakes of responding in anger or frustration on occasion towards our child/children, but do you have the parental courage to love your child enough to say, “I’m sorry”. I’ve often found myself apologizing to my son when I responded to him in frustration or anger and in return he has told me that he forgives me. This has help both of us develop a stronger and more respectful father/son relationship. By apologizing when I’m wrong it empowers him to trust what I’m telling him, because I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong.

Being a good parent doesn’t mean you’re right 100% of the time. Love them enough to admit when you’re wrong. How can we expect them to be honest with us if we’re not honest with them?

When you begin to consider the fact that a child is not promised and are not exclusively yours, you begin to realize that whatever they’ve done to make you mad or frustrate you is small in the scheme of life. Love them while you can and they will appreciate you forever.

A child doesn’t need to be biologically yours for you to show them love.