Just the Three of Us

Well I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate one of my greatest motivations in life, my son. Today he will be five years old and like I’ve done on this day since he was born I attempt to do again today.


Since I’ve began blogging on a regular basis I’ve periodically made some sort of reference to my son. This will be our last birthday where it is just me and him, because very soon I will have to say it’s just the four of us, because he will have a brother. Just another reason to love.


So in this brief message to my son who I’m writing this for, I just want to say that Daddy loves you and thanks you for all that you continue to do. You are the newer and better version of me.

You make life fun. Mom & I love you very much. Happy Birthday son.



3 thoughts on “Just the Three of Us

    1. Thanks. I surely will let him know that Uncle Kona was one of the first to wish him well today. Now he thinks he knows everything because he’s five now. 🙂

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