Guess Who Loves You More

Women; have you ever had some guy ask you to do some ignorant mess, something that you didn’t want to do or knew it was wrong, but he told you “if you really loved me you would…”?

Whether or not you did it, it wasn’t if you really loved him, but how much you loved yourself. In addition to how much he really loved you, because someone who really loves you wouldn’t ask you to do something against your will or what they knew was wrong or ignorant.

The same is true for Men. Dude; when your girlfriend, wife, boo, sweetheart or whatever call each other ask you to do something you know isn’t right or fair, it is your responsibility to be a man and have the vision and testicular fortitude to tell her NO. She may not like it and get upset with you, but you have to know who you are in the relationship even when the other person does know.

Now this doesn’t mean that it’s your way or no way, and the man is always right, because that’s not true. You have to learn how to communicate with each other, even when you know the other person isn’t going to like it. It’s about love. Not I’m right and you’re wrong, but what’s best for both of us.

Love them enough to want to walk with them instead of for them. Men when you’re wrong, be man enough to say “I’m Sorry”. Then make it mean something by not making the same mistake again. Women, when you’re wrong, be a woman and admit it. There’s nothing wrong with being wrong as long as you learn from the mistake and not repeat it.

Love isn’t perfect, so we shouldn’t be too surprise when we make a mistake. The longer you keep seeking the perfect love or wishing your love one was perfect, the longer it will be before you realize who loves you more. This doesn’t mean you should take any one who comes along, but when you love yourself it is easier for love to find you.