Ignorance is Bliss

What is the irony of hate? When the hater doesn’t know what or who he really hates.

I wonder what White Supremacist are saying about the Republicans who are portraying President Obama as Hitler. Isn’t Hitler a hero to them? I don’t think the Republicans protesting realizing they are insulting White Supremacist by comparing a Black man to Hitler.

Then I wonder what Republicans think about the racists and White Supremacist claiming to be Republicans? Don’t they realize that this is the same party that once supported a diverse democracy?

Ignorance is bliss has never been so true.


2 thoughts on “Ignorance is Bliss

  1. Interesting point Tim. I can understand the tea partiers, but I don’t understand their acceptance of the Hitler references. I guess not hearing them speaking out is a message in itself. Now that’s sorry.

    1. I don’t think it’s the GOP itself, but some nut jobs within it making this odd comparison. The Democrats have some coo-coo’s too that will compare Bush to Satan and a few other characters. But once I just thought about it for a moment, the names they’ve called President Obama doesn’t fit if you go by the history of the people and things they’re calling him. But that’s politics. I wouldn’t want to know what I would be called by my fellow Democrats and Republicans because I would call them all out on various issues. But that’s why I’m not in politics, too willing to work with others or find a solution and move on.

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