Oscar The Grouch, Sesame Street Trash Fox News

Is this the best this Republican/Conservative can come up with, attacking Oscar the Grouch. I though you would identify more with him than any other character. Oh they mentioned a word that sounded like FOX News and how dare they. It’s Sesame Street dude. Sit back and enjoy if you have kids young enough to watch it.

BTW – Why were you watching Sesame Street in the first place? Nothing against the show it’s a wonderful show and one I enjoyed watching as a kid and introducing to my own children, but if there’s no kids around then… Well at least it’s educational. So enjoy.

I guess it’s forget the White House vs. Fox News. Today’s newest media war is being waged with Fox News, but this time the enemy is Sesame Street and its puppets. Oscar is kind of gangsta and that Cookie Monster is a lunchroom bully. Dare I say that Elmo is pure evil with that sinister laugh of his.

I’m only kidding, but I guess the clip below touched a nerve with some conservative FOX News viewers. (Yes I know conservative and FOX News is the same thing, forgive me for the slip.)

So on a two-year-old episode of Sesame Street aired recently, Oscar the Grouch starts his own news network: GNN (Grouchy News Network). Shouldn’t CNN be upset too? Anyway, after an interview featuring two muppets who appear to be the king and queen of a foreign, albeit English-speaking country, a grouch viewer calls in to complain about all the “hugging and kissing.”

The damning line: “That is it. I am changing the channel. From now on, I’m watching Pox News–now there’s a trashy news show.” Which is funny, but for some sensitive conservatives it’s over the top and now they’re attacking Sesame Street.

This is the war you want to wage?

By-the-way, tomorrow is Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary. So Congrats.


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