Mad About You

Occasionally, I’ll get a burst of inspiration or creativity and have learned to just put it on paper and strive to make the message plain. I don’t want to keep it to myself, so that’s why I share it with whoever may receive something from it. This is an example of one of those passing thoughts, so I hope you enjoy. I would love to know what you get out of it.

While much of the world today is too busy cussing and fussing and worrying about something that ultimately amounts to much of nothing. It’s more important to concern yourself with what you came to do. Did you come to just work or just watch?

We can’t sit and worry about what isn’t right and how it use to be. What is true and committed in true sincerity will always shine brighter despite the actions and efforts of those who diligently and ignorantly work to suppress and darken the message. This is true in many venues, and can be realized in our current social, cultural, religious and political debates.

You should always aspire to consider others, even in your thoughts, ideas and suggestions, consider others. Even more importantly you should do so in how you respond to those who mistakenly choose not to consider you.

Although it is difficult, we must always consider that if what we do is sincere and true we should remember that the cause is greater than you, because the cause is not about you. Be more interested in the message than the motive.


2 thoughts on “Mad About You

  1. I see a couple of things here in terms of work.

    I love the line about coming to work or watch? The subtle message here is in the definition of work. The watcher is the one who comes in, does minimalist duties while focusing on the trivial stuff – thus negative. The worker is the one doing the same duties, but trying to improve the process, always doing their best, and doing the extra things to separate themselves from others.

    A second aspect is that all of life about one’s interactions with others – thus not about themselves. Too many people (in my opinion) center decisions around themselves (not others) too much of the time — the ME Syndrome. No matter if it is at work, church, in the neighborhood, at the store, or countless other place – considering others is an important aspect of life.

    On the other hand, in a contrarian nature, while at work, others can cast one’s positive work in a negative light. I know that sometimes this type of action will catch up with the negative folks, but somethings this action comes from “higher ups”, thus influencing perceptions – and sometimes so strong that the perception can’t be overcome.

    Simply answer example of if you miss a day of Tim Valentine, you miss a lot … and I know I’ve missed a lot due to work!

    1. 🙂 Well thanks. I actually needed that last one. Life’s been ridiculously busy from all directions, but I’m glad you’ve taken the time to visit me again.

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