Acknowledge Before You Abolish

Forgive, because unforgiveness is contempt upon the peace of life and an unworthy burden to carry. Stop wasting time holding on to insignificant things or people.

Unforgiveness is a procrastinating action that acts as if it is promised tomorrow; leaving what should be done today for another time. Unforgiveness when left alone will gnaw at your integrity, character and psyche each time you encounter the thought, situation or person you are unforgiving of or about.

It is far easier to say I’m sorry with sincerity, than it is to say nothing at all or pretend as if it never happen. Acknowledge it before you try to abolish it. Just because it is unspoken doesn’t mean it isn’t known or remembered.

I simply seek to urge you to forgive others so that they may forgive you. You never know when death will knock at your door or theirs, so acknowledge, forgive and love before it is too late. It’s unfair to expect others to live up to your expectations when you have a double standard for forgiveness. Haven’t you made a mistake?