Change Begins with You

I’ve been told by some well intentioned people that “I can not change the world; people are going to be what they are.” Each time I’ve been told this I generally respond by saying it doesn’t have to be. But it is true only if I adopt or accept a passive conservative approach to the world.

I agree that I can not force someone to change, but how can I be all that I can be if I don’t try. If I do nothing, nothing will be done. If I do something, something will be done. My efforts may not reach the pinnacle by the end of my journey, but it beats the depth of the valley we are in today.

If I don’t try to change the world, then who will?

Racism, bigotry, prejudice and other misunderstandings of hate can and should be countered. I can not change the world is an admission of defeat by forfeiting your opportunity to try. If you can only convert one racist at a time, that’s one less racist in the world. We’re all born with the same measure of abilities to change and to conduct change. Too many of us choose to accept life as it is instead of what it can be.

Change begins with you.