Fear Itself

There’s nothing to fear, but fear itself.” – FDR

The alternative to the hypocritical ideology of the politicized Justice Department of the previous Presidential Administration is what you are seeing now. Republicans, Conservatives who fail to think before you speak and analyze just take a moment to place yourself in the terrorist and defense attorney’s shoes and think about this. Stop listening to the FEAR News Channel for a moment and consider the real outcome in terms of the justice system that you claim to love.

If you honestly believe in the constitution and the justice system, allow it to work. Where’s your so-called patriotism?

When you think about it, what this Justice Department is doing is almost ensuring a guilty verdict by having it in a city mostly affected by the act of terrorism. How impartial of a jury are you going to get in New York City towards a terrorist?

So if you’re the prosecutor this is where you want it to be.

The media terrorist are the ones who are promoting fear to an already culturally scared, religiously bias and politically disgruntled group of people who only want to have someone to be mad at or something to fear. Each one of you can be upset with me on this post and say whatever hateful thing you can think of or mimic from some talk show host. It doesn’t affect me, because I already know who I am and I’m just trying to give you a different perspective that is not tainted with fear.

If I was the terrorist, I would want to go somewhere less hostile towards me than New York City or Washington DC area. But the Justice Department strategy is to follow the rule of law and in this case get a conviction. How do you raise the odds of a conviction? You go to where the jury selection pool is in your favor.

You don’t have to like it, but this is on point. Mark my words. Any terrorist who stands trail in NYC will get convicted. What’s the punishment for the crime of terrorism?

The war, fear and hate mongers can answer this one… DEATH.

Where is your faith in what you say you believe in REPUBLICANS?

Where is your faith in what you say you believe in DEMOCRATS?

If you claim to love this country, love it enough to have faith in its systems of justice. There are many many many issues where crimes have gone unpunished, from someone as powerful as a former Vice-President to the gang banger on the street or even the unsuspecting crime from the kid from an upper middle-class home in your city.

The arc of the moral universe is blind, but it bends towards justice.” – MLK

I can offer quite a few quotes on fear for those who fear. What amazes me is those who fear often claim to be Christian. Which is astonishing, because of what the Bible says about fear.

I’ve stopped listening to the promoters of fear a long time ago, because they are often more motivated out of fear, misconceptions, unawareness and hate than they are anything else. You don’t have to like what I have to say, but wait to see who is right on this one. I bet those who disagree with me will not have the courage to reconsider their ways afterwards.

Why? Because of Fear Itself.