The Public Obstacle

I’m trying to be as respectable as possible, although it is difficult to do when you hear heartless, careless and uncompassionate individuals opposing healthcare reform. Many of these people listen to the baseless and unproven lies that are repeatedly promoted by a specific cable news channel, radio shock talk show hosts, disingenuous political operatives, health insurance lobbyist and their Congressional colleagues.

So I direct this towards those who are in opposition to healthcare reform. You know exactly who you are. Those who are in favor of healthcare reform I offer this piece of advice to you before I go further. Let us now do what must be done. Those in opposition has revealed their true feelings by their actions more than any of their misinformed and hate driven words could ever express. Now is the time for us to leave them behind. This is their fear and they know it.

We need not waste any more energy, time or even consideration for these individuals who has made it clear that they have chosen to be left behind with what has proven not to efficiently work in healthcare. So let them suffer the consequences of their decision. Time and history will be their judge and the undertaker the beneficiary of their decision and position. It’s time to move on from this mountain of despair and take our stone to build a bridge of hope.

The reality of this crisis was not caused by the current Presidential Administration. People are dying while others seek to score political points. This is an issue of health and wellbeing for our fellow men, women and children. Many of these work and try to do the right things, but their best is never enough to satisfy the greed of those who misuse their power and responsibilities.

If your Senator, Congressmen or Congresswoman is unwilling to support healthcare reform you should run for their seat or vigorously support the person who will. I’ve already told my congressman to expect my support for his challenger whether that’s someone else or myself and I’m not wavering from that commitment. The point is that you must be willing to stand for something or you will fall for anything. Like the disingenuous town hall protestors who were doing what they were told, driven by fear, because they are too unwilling to seek the truth and listen to the facts as they are presented to them by those who have demonstrated that they know. When will we stop being moved and persuaded by fear and scare tactics?

The facts are before you and have been explained repeatedly. When are you going to have the testicular fortitude to speak truth to those who perceive they have the power and challenge them? The facts and truth is on your side. Don’t be afraid of their volume, because you control the mute button by requiring them to be accountable for their lack of realistic solutions, sustainable contributions, concern and compassion for their neighbors.

I don’t need to mention any names of any organizations, groups, affiliations or personalities in order for you to know who I’m referencing. The actors in this drama has made their positions known, now is time for you to make yours.

So what can you do now?

Call, email, tweet or write your Senator or Representative and encourage them to support the healthcare reform and stop the politics. If your Senator or Representative is one who is in opposition to healthcare reform, invite them to walk halls of any hospital or clinic in America and talk to people who are concerned about how they’re going to pay the hospital bills. Ask them is my vote worth more to you than my life? Ask them is that dollar worth more to you than my dignity?

Those in opposition are too cowardly and not concerned about you and what you have to go through, just the next election and what you can do for them. The time of politics as usual is over. It’s over for those in office and those who voted them in office. It’s time to do what needs to be done or replace them with someone who will, whether that’s you or me.


2 thoughts on “The Public Obstacle

  1. Yeppers….

    And I encourage people to go ahead and contact their Congress Critters and Senators, as you advised, even if they’re asshats. Corker, Lamar Alexander…my loser of a Rep. Phil Roe….

    Even though your Representative may bee too stupid or greedy or whatever to do what’s right, they often employ the excuse that “no one called to voice them self on the issue”.
    If we contact them they cannot refute it. Phone records, email trails etc do not lie.
    Call them. Tell them what you expect of them.

    I called Phil Roe’s offices and told his screeners that he needs to get his worthless, scrawny ass onto the House floor and do the right thing with his gerbil face.
    They were offended.
    How wonderful 😉

    They won’t forget me, and that’s what matters.

    1. 🙂 Well I was surprised when Bart Gordon actually emailed me back. I asked him to check my voting record to back up my claims. I’m serious about supported another candidate or running against him.

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