Republicans Aborting an Option in Own Healthcare Plan

WOW! Who knew the RNC would campaign against abortion for anyone and still give its own employees the choice as apart of its own healthcare benefits? Then for it to go on since 1991 makes you wonder how long has the RNC realized this double standard? I’m sure like any other organization it reviews and audits its policies.


Where’s the outrage? Shouldn’t there be gatherings of Pro-Life Conservatives protesting the hypocrisy?


Of course they’re not, because it’s not about life, it’s about appearing right. It’s about shifting blame onto anyone who doesn’t agree with their position. The hell with constructive dialogue, we’re right and you’re wrong is the only position on most issues.


But let me give the Republicans the same benefit of the doubt as they do Democrats… Well let me give the Republicans the benefit of the doubt like Democrats too often and sometimes to their own detriment to Republicans and point out the actions of the RNC Chairman (for those who may not know who I’m talking about, he’s the Black guy) to correct this embarrassment and contradiction with their healthcare benefits policy and have requested that they [RNC] to opt out or restrict its members of having this choice.


Well good for him. That’s the way he rolls anyway, because I’m sure he wouldn’t want people taking their verbal sticks and hitting it up against the RNC Bee Hive on this issue, would you? 😀



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2 thoughts on “Republicans Aborting an Option in Own Healthcare Plan

  1. Ooooo… LOL!

    Nice find, Tim. 😉

    Pretty juicy for Politico. That’s the kind of reporting that changes things.
    They always had the option to get abortions for their mistresses and nasty daughters, but it’s not good enough for the rest of America?

    And it’s true, the Right doesn’t care about “life”. They care about lording over everyone else and having two sets of rules, one for them and one for us. Trouble is, they want to be the ones to establish both sets.

    And people wonder why I call them vermin.

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