Who’s The Mac?

Hello, my name is Tim. I’m a former PC User who switched to Mac in 2003. Although my job involves me working in Microsoft Windows I often try to customize it as much as I can to that of a Mac. I’ve purposely moved myself away from using Microsoft and Windows with the exception of Microsoft Access for a variety of reasons. So when I got a glimpse of Microsoft Vista and now Windows 7 I immediately saw Microsoft’s efforts to make the PC Mac-like.

I’ve talked to few of my I.T. friends about what they thought of Windows 7 and heard some good things about it. I specifically wanted to know what my I.T. friends who were also Mac users like myself thought about it. Most of their responses were polite towards Microsoft’s efforts.

I still run into the usual apprehensive PC user who is unfamiliar with Mac and can only reference the out-dated negative criticism of Mac being incompatible. When I tell them that was true more than ten years ago, but not today they tend to resort to the cost factor. In fact Macs are more expensive than PCs, but they’re better than PCs. They last longer and have dramatically less issues than PCs. The cultural phrase borrowed from the Black community and attributed to the Mac community of “Once you go Mac you’ll never go back” is mostly true. Although in my case I would have just went back home since I’m Black and a Mac user. J

All silliness aside. When I read that a Microsoft Manager (Simon Aldous) admits that Windows 7 was inspired by Mac I had to say, “HA, I Knew It” with a big smile on my face.

In an interview with PCR, Mr. Aldous went on record acknowledging that Windows 7 was inspired by Mac OS X. Mr. Aldous said, “One of the things that people say an awful lot about the Apple Mac is that the OS is fantastic, that it’s very graphical and easy to use. What we’ve tried to do with Windows 7 – whether it’s traditional format or in a touch format – is create a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics. We’ve significantly improved the graphical user interface, but it’s built on that very stable core Vista technology, which is far more stable than the current Mac platform, for instance.”

To no surprise Microsoft quickly responded to Mr. Aldous in writing and action. They said that “An inaccurate quote has been floating around the Internet today about the design origins of Windows 7 and whether its look and feel was “borrowed” from Mac OS X. Unfortunately this came from a Microsoft employee who was not involved in any aspect of designing Windows 7.”

Later it was learned that Mr. Aldous was fired. I wonder why.

Dude, you’ve committed a Tech Sin. It’s like Microsoft is John McCain and Apple is Barack Obama. I’m just kidding with you, don’t freeze up on me Republicans. 🙂 Seriously, it is interesting how much Windows 7 resembles an earlier version of Mac OS X.

No matter what you try to do Microsoft, you’re not and will never be a Mac. I write this as a Mac User who also works on a PC, but not by choice. Although I try to be fair, I admit my bias.

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