A Question for Republicans/Conservatives

I’m going to ask everyone who identifies themselves as a Republicans/Conservative to be honest enough to answer a simple and sincere question. I know the history of the Republican Party, so I do not need anyone to attempt to explain it to me, because I’ve written on the GOP of yesterday many times. I’m speaking primarily about the Republican Party of today and what it is to become in the future if we consider what it is today.


I was given a very solid challenge by a fellow Democrat that I could not defend, because I’m not a White Male Republican/Conservative. I simply can’t provide a true defense without referencing my own experiences. It’s like me trying to explain what giving birth is like. I’ve seen it, but I can’t possible know what it is like as a man. I would have to ask a woman who has had at least one child.


So here is my question to Republicans/Conservatives.


Why are the overwhelming majority of the Republican Party’s members, elected officials or self-identifiers White men?


Yes, I know the Republican Party has members who are not White men, but the vast majority is White men. I’m just interested in what is so attractive about the Republican Party to White a man that isn’t as attractive to most other demographics?


If the claims of non-exclusionary tactics are true and/or to be believable, then someone must be able to provide a true answer to this question.


I pose this question sincerely and not to insinuate any demeaning motives. I’m open-minded enough to consider other point-of-views even when I’m accused for not doing so when I challenge political, cultural, social or religious issues.


So in this case I want to repeat that my intent is not to attack or accuse the Republican Party of racism or sexism in any way. As I’ve previously stated, I know the history of the Republican Party. My motives are to understand a political party that has routinely identify itself more than any other with White men, even in midst of a continuously evolving multicultural society.


This question is not about any other political party except for the one mention. There’s little reason to place blame, but it offers an opportunity for consideration, sincerity and honest reflection in order to provide a solid answer.


So I reiterate my question to my Republican and Conservative friends, why is the Republican Party overwhelmingly (not exclusively) White men?


Who will be honest enough to explore the entirity of that question and offer a legitimate response?


2 thoughts on “A Question for Republicans/Conservatives

  1. I keep the Jeopardy music playing in the background whilst we await an answer.

    You got me stumped. I’m a White Male Christian Southerner who supports the second amendment as defined but the SCOTUS.
    And I have no idea why anyone would be attracted to the GOP. Perhaps there’s a psychological profile there.

    It may just be the deep, abiding hatred they share for anyone who’s not willing to be like them, and the even deeper love they have for filthy lucre.

    Maybe it’s just the elitism.

    …Maybe they’re just assholes.

    Ah well,

    Thought this might interest you….

    FBI ’08 Hate Crime statistics are in.

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