The Greatest Offense to Republicans and Conservatives

The greatest offense to Republicans and Conservatives in regards to President Obama isn’t only about unconscious racism. (Conservatives includes some Democrats) In fact many would say that race has nothing to do with it, which may be the case for some of them, but certainly not all given the recent history and actions of the Republican Party as a whole. But I am and have been honest enough to admit that not all Republicans/Conservatives are racist, unconscious or intentional.


The greatest offense to Republicans and Conservatives in regards to President Obama when you are honest is not President Obama himself, but what he represents to their own psyche. The conditions and circumstances that provided a path for him to become the President is the offense for some. The greatest offense is the tremendous moral blunders and cultural exposure to the inequalities, injustices and lack of strategic concern for those who may not look like, live, agree or align themselves with a conservative ideology.


President George W. Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney and the Republicans in leadership from 2000, but I would suggest beginning before then with the assistance of many Conservative Democrats helped prove the weakness of this ideology. Giving way for persons like Rush, Beck, O’Reily, Hannity, Palin and Cheney to disrupt the party.


So when an ambitious, well educated man plays by the rules that have historically successfully prevented many people from achieving the office of President of the United States achieves what has been the impossible. You have a group of people who may not realize the true source of their anger and directs it at the person who won, instead of the person who enabled the impossibility to become possible; your fellow Republicans.


When you hear all of the name calling and observe all of the threats and baseless opposition towards President Obama don’t get too upset with their misdirected anger and disappointment. The offense is a refection of the realization or contradiction to what was taught and reinforced by much of their social environments and cultural interactions. So when the Republican/Conservative who believes President Obama is a racist, a socialist, a Marxist, Hitler, not American and a ridiculous list of other things and calls themselves a Christian, all you can do is smile and try to explain to them where they’re wrong. Many are so committed to their ideology they fail to see the false ideas it has led them to believe, but you can try.


I’ve learned that not all Republicans and Conservatives live and believe beyond the pale, some are reasonable, but they are called Moderates and are experiencing the purging of reason within their own party and efforts to eliminate them from the party they joined years ago. What they have been taught about the Democratic Party and what many Democrats have often demonstrated is not a suitable alternative for them either. So what are they to do? Where do they go from here?


The Republicans are not what they use to be in years gone by. The invitation has been given to those to make a party that has become overwhelmingly homogenous in every way.


Each time I’ve asked the question of Republicans/Conservatives, why the GOP is primarily made up of White men I never get a response. Each time I or others expose the root of an issue champion by Republicans that leads to questions, they never want to respond. Those who do respond ignore the question in effort to name call, point fingers and claim to be the righteousness of all that is good.


When all parties realize that they greatest offense to them is not what they’ve been taught to hate, taught to mistrust, taught to believe perhaps we will find common ground. Until then we will continue to have the Republican Party being a party of No and a contingency within the Democratic Party called the Conservative Democrats who are too weak to stand up for what’s right.


The greatest offense to the Republicans and Conservatives is not President Obama, but what he represents to them. A living example of what they don’t know, don’t understand and was not exposing to in vast number of experiences and opportunities.