Dealing with those who Hate

After receiving the typical response from one of the Obama haters I find myself shaking my head, laughing or quietly smile at certain comments I get from some individuals who want to comment about politics and race with me.


It doesn’t matter what ever it is, they are more committed to hating the reality instead of embracing, cooperating or accepting reality. Despite all I’ve written and given warning or explained in length I still receive the same old tired illogical arguments that usually contains the following keywords or statements.


  • I’m not a racist, but…”
  • Race has nothing to do with...”
  • It’s not always about race”
  • “I have a Black friend” (Personally, very revealing statement)
  • My other favorite one is when they offer a quote from someone Black as validation as if that is immunity of hate.
  • I can’t forget the standby comments of “Obama is a socialist, communist, etc…”
  • He’s ruining the my America” (What’s interesting is that they have nothing to say when you ask them about all of the things Bush/Cheney did to ruin the country. But that’s obviously completely different.
  • And my personal favorite, “He’s not even an American


Amazingly all of these have come from White Republicans/Conservatives, but despite all of this I really try to consider what some have to say, because I know it’s a socially psychological transitioning period for not only White Americans, but Black, Latino, Asians too. In addition to the various political ideologies, the world is getting use to this new definition or the realization of what America was intended to be on paper, but in the flesh.


What many of these people who are told to be upset is that it’s not about them anymore. But no matter what I say they may still be so committed to not liking or not President Obama or not considering how the rest of the world is viewing their opposition that it logic doesn’t matter anymore.


So what do those who are confronted with these individuals to do?


You don’t react to them with the same negativity they are presenting to you. Remember that now is the time not to argue, but to inform. The uninformed and/or the non-socialized often will respond with a tone or element of fear when challenged on subjects or issues they are vulnerable to. There’s little need for me to continue to engage many of these people in a debate, because they only seek acknowledgment or validation. I have disagreed with some things with the President, but I don’t publicly or privately act as if I want him to fail. (Hmm, Country First? But I digress.)


What I try to do and ask others to consider is to remind them of themselves. Give them the opportunity to think about what they really are saying in terms of as if they were the person they was saying it to. In other words, making people consider others.


Whenever you speak truthfully or with consideration, you will always encounter someone who doesn’t want to hear it because it makes them uncomfortable in some way. Don’t waste your time on trying to convince them of how wrong they are, but give them the opportunity to better understand what it is they’re saying and/or doing.


In the end love always wins. So stick with the love and you’ll never fail.



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  1. Good post. Thank you for providing that graph–it shows Obama’s commitment to providing role models for different demographics in an already historic administration.

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