Life 3.0

Have you ever felt like you just want to give up? Give up a relationship, give up family, give up people who proclaim to be your friend, give up on people. I know I have on multiple occasions.

How easier and less stressful life would be if you could just press the reset button or click a virtual Undo (PC: Ctrl + Z or Mac: Command + Z). Sorry about that I’m a tech person, so it comes naturally sometimes. 🙂

Unfortunately life isn’t that easy. As programmed, wireless, mobile and unconstrained life often can be we simply have to work through the disconnection in our communication with others in order to debug the issue that has caused our peace to freeze or lock-up. (Here I go again with this tech jargon. Please excuse me.)

What I have learned to do when tech support is unavailable or the problem (friends, family, etc) or the local Mac Genius in my case can not resolve the issue is step away for a bit. Sometimes we simply need to clear our minds, defragment, empty the trash bin of our life and come back new and refreshed.

Just a random thought.