What I’ve Learned from the Racist

I just wanted to share this thought about racism and what I’ve learned from the racist.

Throughout this year I’ve strive to explain racism, intolerance, bigotry, bias, discrimination, prejudice and hate intentional, systemic and unconscious in writing. My reasons can be rightfully summarized by incorporating this statement into your thought process.

You can not understand, consider or rehabilitate a racist regardless how it was acquired until you release your own prejudices against and/or about the racist or bigot.

The greatest offense to the racist, bigot or one who believes he/she is entitled, privileged or somehow superior to others by way of their race is knowledge of ones self and history.

For example, White Supremacy, like any other labeled supremacy is in fact not truly a superiority complex, but an inferiority complex. The person who believes they are superior over another actually demonstrates their own inferiority complex.

Now I use White Supremacy because of its notoriety in comparison to other complexes, disorders and social deficiencies. There are many cases of other groups who believe, practice and teach that they are better than another. So ironically White Supremacy is not an exclusive bias or prejudice, but just a caveat of a much broader conspiracy of hate.

So the greatest offense to White Supremacy comes when you know who you are, your history in addition to theirs. The reason is that you take away its power with the weapon of knowledge and intimidated them with confidence. Listen to the racist when they speak. Their only weapon is fear, ignorance and intimidation. Even when the prejudice is unrealized or unconscious, you must not be persuaded by negative comments and accusations waged against you.

In the end history, time and facts is the defender of truth. You have not the time to spare debating the false evidence appearing real to the unaware, unsocialized and uncultured mind of the racist or bigot.

I have the racist to thank for demonstrating many of my points raised whenever I challenged them on their actions, because it taught me some great lessons about how to effectively deal with many of them in addition to reading, listening, watching and observing others who fight against and educate people about racism, discrimination and hate.


One thought on “What I’ve Learned from the Racist

  1. What I have learned from the racist is that their grease tends to stick to others and severely stains the innocent.

    One white guy has a confederate flag and he is automatically a “racist” because actual racists tend to hide behind that same banner. One black guy makes a Jesse Jackson “Hymietown” type statement and blacks in general take the heat.
    Jews around the planet still have to live with the racism of the Talmud “Baba Necia 114, 6: “The Jews are human beings, but the nations of
    the world are not human beings but beasts.”

    Moral of this story? It’s up to those of us who are enlightened to confront racism whenever possible. Especially that committed by those of our own race. It is as much an insult to us as the target. Or damn well should be.


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