Par for the Course

I’ve really tried to stay away from this one, but I knew someone would ask me for my opinion in regards to the whole Tiger Woods drama. And just like clockwork, race is being silently introduced among various groups. So allow me to share my thoughts, ideas and suggestions to Tiger Woods, Elin Woods and those who may read this.

First, I must say Tiger Woods is my inspiration that motivated me to take a second look at golf. The exclusiveness of the sport that has often discriminated or tended to exclude anyone who wasn’t a certain race, gender or perceived class status now finds itself  gaining more fans from those it previous discriminated against; for the most part thanks to Tiger Woods’ success.

So as news of this unfortunate incident began to become public I silently wished I could have whispered in Tiger’s ear to give him some words of adherence and encouragement. But I would have presented it to him in a language I knew he would clearly understand. Some may not understand that last statement, but I’m sure some received what I was saying.

As the onlookers gossip about what and/or who Tiger was doing, the common and obvious factor of this situation are the women. Now I have no issues with preferences, but I do find issue with exclusions. So in attempt to address the question asked by several women, all were not White, but of multiple races, let me try to give an answer to your question.

The question that was most commonly asked was, ‘Why do Black men go out and get a White girl when they become successful?”

WOW! Man, why are you asking me this question? As if I’m the Black Man’s representative or something. Sigh… (In a tone of sarcasm) Am I my brother’s keeper? Alright, but don’t get mad at me for saying it.

In my explanation I’m assuming you clearly understand the racial history of the United States. I’ve written about race relations throughout the year, so to get a better understanding of the entirety of those conversations I suggestion you to visit my blog and read through those blog posts.

As for as Tiger Woods, all I can say is that you must consider his social environment when questioning his preferences. Like myself he was introduced to who he was in terms of race at a very early age. Being a child of a Black father and an Asian mother in the U.S. you are automatically considered to be Black. The same is true for other well known people such as President Obama, Halley Berry or even Mariah Carry. But unlike those mentioned, everyone who comes from a bi-racial background where one parent is Black doesn’t always fully embrace who they are. Our cultural communities or social society sometimes makes it difficult for a person to feel fully accepted, so they tend to prefer who accepts them more.

This is true for any relationship. If you accepted by one group more than another you tend to prefer that group that accepted you. I was accepted by Democrats and taunted, discriminated against and dismissed by Republicans, so what political party do I tend to align myself with more often? I was brought up in a very racially diverse community growing ups and accepted by virtually everyone in school, so how many negative issue do you think I tend to have regarding race?

I can’t be too upset with Tiger for having a preference for White women. I know this is an uncomfortable statement for some, but at least these were some pretty White women. Some Black men date some… Well let me stay on course here.

Let’s not begin judging Tiger Woods based on his racial preferences in women. He obviously has some taste in women in terms of looks, may not in cleverness. But what women do you know of any race wouldn’t try to bust your head wide open if they discovered you were cheating on them? So it’s not necessarily a Black/White thing, but a Woman Thing. If my wife discovered me and Tyra Banks had a thing going on, then all HELL would break out. Although she knows I have always had a thing for Tyra. But some will tell me, “Tyra is Black and so are you”. That is true, but if I was the number one golfer in the world and owned a $2.4 million dollar home outside of Orlando, FL and she found this out, I can guarantee my Brown… that my wife would have took the 7, 8 & 9 irons out and would do her best to make par.  🙂

So yes, some Black men do go out and get a woman who may not be Black. That’s them. There are so many Black men that do not get the attention of anyone who are doing good things that are attracted to Black women as well as women of any race. Give that brother a chance. He may not be as wealthy or known as Tiger Woods, but you never know what his ambitions and abilities are until you give him the time to share them with you.

As far as Tiger Woods, this is my advice to him. It’s OK man. You’re going to be alright. I still love ya and keep your head up. Yes, you made a mistake. Yes, you know who you are and what you represent to many people, some you may never meet. All I say is treat this like you do when you make a bad shot. Don’t dwell on it for the rest of the game, learn from your mistakes and do better next time.

Some will turn against you, but that’s proof that they weren’t true fans, but onlookers. This mistake does not hinder your abilities, just confirms the realities that you already knew about yourself. You’re human.