Be Here Now

You can’t really enjoy life if you do not take the time to experience life. Experience life not just from your perspective, but from the perspective of others; consideration.

Many people miss out or are unaware, because they play it safe. There’s nothing wrong with this, but when this position becomes a way of life it can become a hindrance to your progress and growth. You have a greater potential to become stagnated or rigid in your thinking and positions. Change is something you can believe in, but not on my dime is the motto.

The essence of a person is not exclusive to their behavior or even their words. When you take the time to consider a person’s value, purpose and individuality, you then begin to learn the essence of a person. What they’re really about. It may not be for good, but you know what frame of mind they’re coming from.

Appreciate what someone is good at instead of what you don’t like about them. Your negativity does nothing to or for the person you dislike, but offers a tremendous insight to who you are and your own unhappiness and inconsideration. I may not like what you do or say, but you don’t have to be wrong for me to be right. It’s your point of view based on your experiences and knowledge, whether it is inclusive or exclusive.

Think for yourself. Most people may say that they do, but look at your influences and align them to what you do, think, write, associate and say.

The courageous person is one who has identified their defenses and gives them up.