What I’ve Always Wanted

Instead of giving someone gifts that may be exchanged for something else they may not need, why not consider a gift of giving.

One of the challenges many of us face each year is determining what to give the people we love, appreciate or in some cases just don’t want to hear complaining.

During the holiday season we often find ourselves stressed out, panic, depressed and anxious over what to buy, how much to buy or who to buy for. We are more concerned with getting than giving. This can be burdensome to most, especially during difficult economic times.

So what can you give of value that does not cost much, can not be exchanged and will not parish?

Well I can only offer suggestions, because some are more focused on the material than the substance. So here are my suggestions for giving. I admit that it may test the boundaries of your relationship, but in the end you will know the extent of their appreciation or admiration for you.

  • One of the things you can do is to simply take the time to hand write a sincere and personal letter. A letter than briefly states something that will invoke a smile or good feelings about who they are and what they have meant to you throughout the year.
  • Another opportunity of giving would be in terms of donating money to a charity or cause that reserves a special place with that relative or friend. Give them a card with some form/receipt of proof in a card with a note explaining why you gave in their name.
  • Finally, give your time, attention and consideration to someone. This gift is one that remains with a person long after you have gone. Giving someone the gift of your attention during a conversation shows your appreciation and consideration for them. But don’t just sit there listening, contribute to it. Sincerity is realized through action more than words or a smile.

Don’t think about what you don’t get, but what you can give. That’s the gift.

If you have no family or friends to give any of these things to, give to someone unlike yourself. You may be greeted with apprehension at first, but let sincerity be your defense. In the end the gift you receive is the knowledge that love always wins.



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