Tis The Season

Many of us have experience times when truths are revealed that are welcomed with outrage, fear, anger or opposition. Often when these truths are exposed is during the holidays and family gatherings.

It is these times that an atmosphere of despair, shame or even abandonment find comfort. The anxiety many experience is often due to a sense of obligation others place on us. If not ourselves, we know someone who has lost their job and/or home in this economy for various reasons. The pressures that only seek to squeeze that last dime out of your hand by someone who says they love you, but let you test that love by not buying them a gift and the truth is revealed.

So I have a suggestion for such occasion. You will not have to take your wallet out or present any method of payment, because it doesn’t cost a thing. It’s more valuable and long lasting than many gifts you could buy. That is forgiveness.

The ugly truths of life earn you the right to speak with authority about forgiveness, because it is your opportunity. Forgiveness is not absolutely given for others, but also yourself. You may forgive someone for the wrong they may have done to you, but the essence of forgiveness is not to give the other person peace. Forgiveness is for you.

Life is not worth the grudges we continue to be indebted to year after year, never giving consideration of forgiveness or redemption. It’s unhealthy to be so committed to indifference, anger, hate and/or unforgiveness. You’re only sick as your secrets. So when the truths are revealed this holiday season, offer them forgiveness and see how much they really love you.