Friends Who I Have Never Met

Often we don’t take the time to say thank you. I am guilty of this although I try live by my own words and consider others enough to tell them how I feel. So I dedicate this to a select group of people. All I have yet to meet, even less I have yet to hear and few I have yet to see, but perhaps one day we will meet or meet again.

What I have always strive to do is to be diverse, inclusive and open-minded. You are sometimes judged by the company you keep, those who you call friends. Judging by this list I believe I’m achieving my goal, because this is a diverse collection of people that I hope can call me friend. Diverse culturally, racially, politically, religiously and even in age, because most of you are SLIGHTLY older than me with the exception of three.

You know that I’m all about being inclusive, but there are times that you must point people out and tell them how much you sincerely appreciate them and all that they do. So I want to thank the following people for being a positive and motivating inspiration to me.

(This list is not in any particular order, I thank you all equally as you know only I would.)

Not to reveal their identity, I will only use their initials.

  • MB
  • MK
  • PB
  • RR
  • CG
  • LN
  • MC
  • MK
  • DC
  • AZ
  • FG
  • HC

Although I’m sure you didn’t know it and were not trying, I just want to thank you for encouraging, challenging and putting up with me this year. I’m not as crazy or serious as it may appear at times, I’m actually very silly and enjoy finding the humor in life. I may go off the deep end occasionally or push someone over the edge, but I will be quick to reach my hand out to you so you can help me back in or I help you.

I say this all of the time, but I really do mean it. Feel free to contact me however it may be whenever you like. I really don’t mind. In 2010 I am going to try to venture out and hopefully meet some of you. I know that I will be heading to Florida around this time next year, but plan to make my way to a few others cities too. Who knows I may find myself stopping by your part of town. But if you happen to be passing through my town do not hesitate to let me know. I’ll start some commotion to let you know where I am.

You all will hear from me very soon. I still have a few more blog post scheduled for the remaining of the year, but next year is sure to be more memorable than 2009.

I just wanted to tell you publicly that I appreciate you and those not mentioned who has followed my thoughts, ideas and suggestions the past few years, I appreciate you too.

Be Safe, Enjoy & Consider Others,

Tim Valentine


10 thoughts on “Friends Who I Have Never Met

  1. Slightly Older?? I resemble that remark…

    I am so happy to have gotten to know you through these pages, You have made me think and also have inspired me, I am looking forward to more thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the coming years.

    Really have a Great Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope to get to meet you next year when you come to Florida,

    1. Well you probably will meet me next year, because our vacation planned for this year was postponed due to the rapidly arriving addition to our family. It will likely be around this general time in 2010.

      I’ve had fun this year.

  2. Tim,
    Many thanks for the kind words. On the other hand, even more thanks for what you’ve done for me. For sure, you have both challenged and validated my thoughts – thus I owe you a big thanks.

    Regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, socio-economic status, or whatever label one wants to use, I’m a firm believer that the majority of the people in the world are good people – thus it is always a thrill to encounter someone new who fits that positive profile I seek … so Thank You!

    Being all that far away, I’m sure we will meet someday … and I look forward to that day. Meanwhile, as I’ve said before, I miss being a regular visitor here as my professional duties have taken a big bite out of my learning time. As I’ve said, a day without Tim Valentine is a tough day … and I’ve had many of late.

    Thanks again Tim … and carry on. A blessed Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Well the past two months has been ridiculously busy for me as well. To give up a little secret I had several posts that were non-specific to any date or even already in place. There’s a handful remaining, but out of the past two months only 4 have been about a particular issue in the news.

      2010 will be fun. I’m sure I’ll talk politics, but not too much. I’m sure race will be on the agenda, but hopefully I can go further. Religion and relationships is always on the horizon so look forward to that too. And I’ll still throw a jab or two at Rush, Cheney and Beck, but I think some will be surprise on what I have to say about some Democrats too.

      I’m sure you’ll meet me next year. I actually have a convention in Columbus during the summer, but you’ll know I’m near because they’ll be protest and people holding up signs claiming I’m all types of things. 😀

      You’ll hear from me very soon.

  3. Thanks Tim! I appreciate YOU! I have people that I know in “real life” that haven’t been AN OUNCE as supportive as you have been online, so thank YOU. My mom and I are always shouting out you and MB, lol

    Merry Christmas! (Has your baby been born yet?)

    1. 😀 Thank you. It’s difficult making a Black man (medium brown skinned) blush. 🙂

      Seriously, thanks. I do plan on visiting your part of town soon. That’s just a two hour drive for me. You’ll also get to meet the little one that will likely be here tomorrow if I can go by the multiple text messages I’ve been getting from my wife the past few hours. Bags already packed and in the car. But you’ll hear from me.

  4. This is such a sweet acknowledgment of people/friends that you have connected with. I sometimes forget to say thank you to people that have made an impact on me – in some small (or large) way.

    Thanks, Tim, for being you. Happy Holidays and best wishes to your family (including the new arrival).


  5. Thanks for this post, Tim. I’m glad to see that your newest addition arrived just in time for Christmas. If you ever think about coming near Washington, D.C., I’ll try my best to be able to show you around.

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