Another Opportunity

This is just a thought that I’ve had that I want to share with those willing to take the opportunity to read what I have to say.We should really become more aware of what we do, because we may not have another opportunity. When you recall the missed opportunities you’ve had every day you begin to realize how selfish you really are. We miss another opportunity to make right what we may have said, thought or done wrong. We miss another opportunity to even to make known our appreciation, love and gratitude for someone known.

By nature we are self-centered. Regardless of how perfect, righteous, sanctified or absolute you think you are, at your core you are selfish. The desire to want to be first or have some form of recognition for who you are, something you’ve said or what you’ve done. Abundant is the opportunities we have, but rare do we recognize and utilize them to their fullest potential. We believe that we will have another opportunity, but tomorrow and people are not promised. Consider others now while you have the chance.

Someone ask you to consider others, but you ignore it, laugh and mock them because you are too selfish and blinded by your own understanding to see that it benefits you too. It’s a test to see if you see and comprehend the value of the opportunity or if you’re just selfishly relying on another opportunity.

Take the time to tell someone you haven’t talked to how much you like or appreciate something they do or they do that you remember. If it’s someone who has done you wrong or said something that you either don’t understand or upset you, forgive yourself, them and try to take the opportunity to get a better understanding and agreement with each other before it’s too late. Because we are not promised another opportunity, so do it while you can.

I am appreciative to all who have read what I’ve written. Share the idea with others.


2 thoughts on “Another Opportunity

  1. Good works of encouragement. Yes, all of us are selfish at the core – but some have the knack of getting around that obstacle. Simply taking the time to do something simple does a long way – and it may be as simple as a hello with a smile.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Thank you for the gifts who give us by challenging us to think! … and thanks for visiting and commenting on my site! Blessings to all!

  2. I don’t think most people realize how their words affect others. We can easily upset another by what we say, or don’t say. That jerk we give the finger to in traffic…they lie awake at night thinking about what we said or did.
    What if they didn’t really deserve it? What if they didn’t really cut us off that badly?
    It can change their day, week…they may never forget what brought them down.

    Depending on the person who speaks and who hears, people’s lives can be ruined simply by what we say to them. A lousy parent tells their kid he or she is and idiot. Think the kid will ever forget that? If it came from a classmate, probably. But from a trusted person, never.

    Likewise, our positive comments can uplift a person instantly and perhaps forever. Now some of us are impervious to the ill effects. I can take pretty much everything with the proverbial grain, but we all like to be appreciated now and then. Even grouches like myself. 🙂
    Which reminds me to thank you for the “Friends I Never Met” post.

    I am guilty of both. I try to keep my harsh words for those who freely spout them in kind. My kind words are also for those I don’t particularly like but are not the type to knowingly cause harm. Unfortunately I am not perfect in the allocation of my verbiage. But contrary to popular belief I do try.

    Merry Christmas, Tim. Continued blessings for you and yours.

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