Thoughts, Ideas & Suggestions 2009

Dear TI&S Readers,

This has been a very eventful year. I’ve become friends with some very wonderful people and have also made a few ‘interesting’ ones upset. I’ve contemplated many things this year, but very happy to have made it to see it end.

My goal this year was to make people think about what they were really doing, speaking and believing. Getting someone to consider someone or something beyond themselves has often lead to criticism. What the critics fail to realize is that with their criticism they were essentially doing what I wanted, by thinking about what I had written.

I believe the most shocking criticism came from a gentleman who routinely disagreed with some of the most outrageous acts. Beyond political ideology, he was committed to considering only his perspective and experiences instead of considering others. This became true with his position on things such as torture, race relations and women’s health issues. I believe the last straw for me was the lack of consideration and respect of death. Even when I despise the acts a person was committed to in life I gave them the respect of my silence upon their death. The unforgiveness and unrepentence of some is amazing, as if they hold the secret to life and death.

One of the other issues that I found disturbing this year was the lack of knowledge and acknowledgement of those who were uncomfortable discussing the various issues of race relations in the United States and abroad. Many where content with the fallacy that since one Black man became President we’re now living in a post-racial world and racism is a thing of the past. But many who believe this have not truly experience or witness the deep rooted and psychological affects of racism, bigotry, discrimination and bias on a constant basis. When confronted they would retreat for the comforts of their fallacies for support, never really considering others.

I’m even more committed to seeking out what’s really true and helping others in addition to myself learn more about others from a perspective beyond our own experiences and expectations. The encouraging words of support and thanks received throughout the year has out weighed the ridiculous and unsupported charges some have waged against me on the basis of what they do not fully comprehend or consider.

So I conclude that I have learned a lot, tried to share more, considered others and gained much during this year. I end the year with the birth of my second son, a few pounds heavier than I began, with a greater perspective of life and the things that makes it interesting and with an even better sense of the future. I hope someone learned something new or gained a better perspective, even if they refuse to admit it. My goal was to provoke you to think in-depth with me on the various issues of our daily life.

I wish all who choose to read this well and appreciate you reading my thoughts, ideas and suggestions. I look forward to challenging you and myself next year with what life has in store. Enjoy, be safe and remember to consider others. Let’s get ready for 2010.

Sincerely yours,

Tim Valentine


4 thoughts on “Thoughts, Ideas & Suggestions 2009

  1. Tim,

    Happy New Year to you. I am very happy to have found your Blog and to have come to know you and your family some. You have made me think and I admire the way you look at thinks objectively.
    I look forward to later this year to meeting you and your wonderful family later this year when you come down to Florida.

  2. Tim,

    You are a thinking-person’s thinker … so in the words of Jim Valvano – Don’t give up; Don’t ever give up!

    People don’t always have to agree, but they need to be challenged and I know you’ll continue to do so in 2010!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks.

      I have already began to gear up for next year. I must delete or archive several hundred blog post over the past three years, but you’ll soon see the thoughts, ideas & suggestions flowing once again. 🙂

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