The Buck Stops Here

Some Republicans are not worth the time and effort to correct, but I’m personally tired of hearing the lies many of them continuously peddle on FOX News Channel as if it was true. They seem to not wish to consider the realities that occurred under the watch of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republicans who at the time were in control of Congress. President Bush did not keep the country safe.

Under the presidency of George W. Bush & that Dick Cheney with the assistance of the Republicans that were in the majority when a terror attack occurred that killed thousands on September 11, 2001. George W. Bush was sworn in on January 20, 2001 which is BEFORE September for those who seem to forget that fact.

The politically opportunistic vulture that is Rudolph Giuliani seems to misunderstand the realities that plagued the U.S. when George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their Republican democracy jihadist want you to overlook is that the Bush Administration did NOT kept American safe, but left millions at the corner of despair and peril. They are silent on the catastrophies that occurred during and by the Bush Administration and are deceivers. We can begin in New Orleans and continue to Wall Street.

Rudolph Giuliani and his fellow Republican terrorist were the ones who used the images of 9/11 during their 2008 Convention to scare of votes. Terrorist, because this is all he and those who support or remain silent of his party knows how to do.

This is one of the many things that are wrong with the Republican Party and weak Democrats. The bottom-line is that any opportunity to place blame for what may go wrong at the feet of President Obama regardless of the validity of their claims is exactly what the Republicans are going to do.

What have they accomplished other than obstruction, fear and distractions?

If no Democrat has the heart to speak up, if no Republican has the courage to tell the truth or Independent concerned enough to emphasis the facts instead of sitting silently as Republicans like Cheney, Limbaugh, Beck and in this latest edition Giuliani peddle then I will. Rudolph Giuliani, Dick Cheney and their Republican allies are all liars. I know some will attack me for saying what is true, but what have they accomplished that doesn’t involve fear, wait and posturing?
I have not always agreed with how this White House has countered the attacks from Republicans, but the difference between the FAILED terror attack under President Obama and the SUCCESFUL terror attacks under President Bush is simple. President Obama is willing to address the issue instead of posturing around it like a cowboy who makes premature claims of his accomplishments and missions.


4 thoughts on “The Buck Stops Here

  1. Dear Tim
    How can you defend Obama? Look at what has happened under him. We had the World trade center attacks in 2001, and who can forget the Bombing Of Pearl Harbor in 1941?

    Rudy Guliani, Sara Palin, Glen
    Beck, and Ann Coulter,

    1. You forgot about the time the President said ‘segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever‘. And the things he did to prevent James Meredith entering Ole Miss… Seriously, I should stop, because most of the people who listen to Rudy, Glenn, Billo & that Dick Cheney wouldn’t know enough about American history to know what I’m talking about and the decades that separates them.

      I was actually, trying not to go after the GOP as much this year because they have already proven themselves to be unworthy along with some weak minded Democrats, but that hypocrisy couldn’t go unchecked.

      Thanks for your response. I guess my rest is over. 🙂

  2. Ya know, given the opportunity, I would have no choice but punch Rudy Googliani in the face and just take the jail time. It would be well worth the sentence.
    This semi-man is probably the most pathetically lame humanoid of all the Republicans in this country. Yes, even Glenn Beck.

    Just looking at that weasel face of his makes me want to vomit.

  3. Politics is getting out of control. Party-first mentality is the reason behind the lies and distortions. Unfortunately, the source is people who should know better as they prey on clueless partisans.

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