The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

When I first read the story about the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s comments from his new book “Game Change” and all the flack from the Republicans I had to see what stick is up their… this time. So here’s what was said and then I have something special for both Sen. Harry Reid and the entire Republican Party & FOX News.

Sen. Harry Reid, who backed Obama’s candidacy, book says that President Obama is “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

Now didn’t I write about this very thing in detail back in October 2009 for two weeks on my blog and many other occasions? You can just search the words race & politics and see what I’ve written about the two subjects. Page after page of accounts of the same scenario, with the same excuses and the same phony outrage from disingenuous personalities, politicians and pundits. And I will once again give the same response, but perhaps with a little more fervor this time.

First, I will address the Democrats in this situation, Sen. Harry Reid & President Obama. Then I will address the entire Republican Party and FOX News Channel.

Sen. Reid (D-NV)
Sigh… Dude… What the… Seriously…OK where do I begin?

Light Skinned – It’s almost funny when you think about it. President Obama is not necessarily considered light skinned, but whatever. I can actually excuse that one because it’s a matter of perception about complexion. But the Negro Dialect is one that I’m not letting you go unchecked on.

To even suggest something such as a “Negro Dialect” allows one to conclude your interpretation or understanding of race relations. I guess you may think privately that I “talk like a White boy” as some have suggested. Seriously man, what are you trying to say by that? “Negro Dialect” as if Black Americans speak differently than any other American. We all have cultural references, but its called slang. I’ve used some at the beginning of addressing you that would suggest my age group and socialization. That doesn’t mean I can’t speak intelligently and have credibility with those who may not choose to speak how I choose.

Just because of my race or your race doesn’t conclude difficulties or inabilities for us to engage in a dialogue on any level. I have something to learn just as I do to teach.

Side Note: Why doesn’t Congress have Sensibilities Training? Or even a political psychologist to teach them to think about what they say and do?

Republicans & FOX News
You’ve got to be kidding me. You of all people should keep quiet on matters of race & politics just as you do with your policies. Where do I begin? We can go back to an announcement from then Gov. Ronald Reagan in MS as a benchmark in Modern Republican Racial Politics if you like.

Do you not see the hypocrisy in your reactions?

Do you really want to invite someone like myself and others who would love nothing more than to address the preponderance of evidence you provide and perpetuate on matters of race & politics by speaking as if you have the moral authority to do so?

First of all Republicans in Congress & leadership, Shut Up. That’s not meant to be offensive, but instructions for your own benefit. I can go back only a couple of weeks to reference the latest incident not to mention the disingenuous townhall protesters you scared up to side against their own interest. I can even go as far as the chair of the RNC, Michael Steele. A man who is smart and has great potential to change the image, perception and function of the Republican Party to a more inclusive one in nature, but it has be squandered just as the previous Presidential Administration squandered democracy, political civility, not to mention the surplus on suspicious wars. But I digress.

Let’s not even begin with the Presidential election, because I can easily provide a number of incidents that REPUBLICANS were SILENT on in terms of RACE. Try me.

FOX News, shut up. I can respond to this entity in the format of a game show question. What is Glenn Beck? Do you not recall his statements about the President? Where was the Republican outrage then? Where was the conservative negro then?

Both Republican leadership and Congress with the perpetuation of the misconceptions by the hands of FOX News is like the pot calling the kettle black. You’re a hypocrite and politically transparent.

Comprehension of Black & White
One of the double standards here is from Black people.

Yeah I said it. We’re partially at fault in this matter when you think about it. When we make public gestures with coded language believing it is only understood by Black people we open the door for this sort of incident.

What do I mean by that?

Quit using coded language expecting non-Blacks, specifically Whites not to misinterpret its intentions, context and when to use it. It’s just like using the word Nigger. When someone hears you saying it, or at least accepting its use out of context in your presence or unchecked, then you shouldn’t get mad at them, nor call them a racist for misunderstanding the cultural context within the dialect.

The Bottom-line
Sen. Reid is like many White male politicians who believe they’re understood or fully accepted by Blacks. Just because you’re a Democrat doesn’t give you a Black Pass to say whatever. Just ask Bill Clinton or better yet, Hillary if you want some insight from a White perspective on the role of race in politics. They are excellent examples of how to misinterpret Black political support. There are many outstanding authors of many races who can provide a solid foundation on this subject. You don’t have to believe me, examine it for yourself.

Regardless of political party and beyond and specific race in America, if you don’t have a true discernment for the way race and politics work you will find yourself in this situation at some point.

The misunderstanding some had with the comments of then presidential candidate and senator Joe Biden made about then Sen. Obama caused uproar, but even then I said that he was not a racist.

You’re not exempt because you may have had some Black friends. What you must understand that it isn’t friendship with someone of another race that excludes you from the racist criticism and accusations, but relationship with people of other races and how you relate to them that provides exclusion from racist criticism and accusations. This is the point many Republicans & Democrats who hold office fail to comprehend.

Receive what I’m telling you on this; be prepared because it’s going to happen again. And when it does, don’t be like the pot who called the kettle black or any other descriptive terminology you may use.

*On 01/18/10 Chris Matthews, Tom Joyner and others are having a discussion on race & politics on MSNBC. I will surely post info about it later this week and on the day of. I encourage everyone to check it out in addition to paying attention to what is going on in our world in terms of race & politics. It may be uncomfortable for some to discuss, but these issues will never go away if we don’t openly talk about them and address this soul of the issue.*