Negro Dialect & Dialogue

The hypocrisy that has erupted from the Republican establishment in the discussion of race relations and politics is more than amazing. Do you really not see the contradictions?

So the Republicans want Harry Reid to resign and compared his statement to that of Trent Lott’s statements about Strom Thurmond. This is completely politically motivated. Let us compare the two statements and get some background on the so-called Party of Inclusion and the Party of Lincoln that is the GOP of today’s real reason to compare the former Senate Majority Leader in 2002 Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) and the current Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV). Since we want to compare the two, let us compare them and test the ground for which Republicans are eager to build the foundation of the argument upon.

Republicans seek to accused Sen. Harry Reid of racism by his statements in the book “The Game Changers” that Senator & Presidential Candidate Obama has a viable chance at become President because he was “Light Skinned” and didn’t use “Negro Dialect”.

What Republicans continue to misunderstand, including the disingenuousness political opportunism of Michael Steele is the truth of the statement. I wasn’t going to go there, but decided there was something that can be taught in this moment about race.

Republicans, for the most part membership consists of an overwhelmingly White Americans. If that is untrue, someone correct that statement.

Many Whites frankly were taught not to think of themselves in terms of race. So issues of race have a tendency to not be relevant in the mind of many White Americans. The confusion begins when Whites are asked to reconcile the contradictions of actions, policies, practices and gestures of themselves or other Whites in terms of race by non-Whites. If this is untrue, someone correct that statement.

Not all White people are uncomfortable discussing race and not all White people are racist. I would suggest that there are some who are racist; there are some who absolutely are not and others who simply do not understand or are culturally unaware. This is in summary the case for many, but absolutely not all Republicans who are trying to compare Harry Reid’s statements with those of Trent Lott’s statements. Michael Steele knows this and is being opportunistic and disingenuous.

The Republican Argument:

Trent Lott said…

So I wonder how America would be if Strom Thurmond would have became President.

Hmmm… So probably no Civil Rights legislation, some who may be thinking it now would ironically not fear social segregation by calling me various racially derogatory names. And what would a President Thurmond say about people like Martin Luther King, Jr.?

What many seem to misunderstand is the difference between racist statements and racial statements. A person may unintentionally “use a poor choice of words”, but this is the reason why I have for more than two years online now have sought to bring an understanding to these subjects.

Sen. Harry Reid used racial language that was just as antiquated as the elderly White woman who politely told the cashier in a Kmart store a few years ago to let the ‘colored’ gentlemen go before me, because he has less items. Then she smiled at me. The horror on the cashier’s face made me smile even bigger, because I understood her intentions. She was not being racist, but she used dated racial language.

To bring this to an end, because I’m confident I will be able to revisit another incident soon. I propose listening to the commentators on the Rachel Maddow Show on this subject, 01/11/2010. Source:


One thought on “Negro Dialect & Dialogue

  1. Heh, we wrote about the same thing, in the same manner, at the same time.
    Great minds do think alike I guess. 🙂

    You’re right. Whites, being a majority, rarely consider (or never consider) race or how important it is. Especially to a minority.
    When I lived in the Middle East I was obviously a tiny minority. It wasn’t easy.
    I took heat for being both white and American and Western and Christian…..
    But very little.
    You have to learn to shine some things on.
    But it was also a valuable lesson to me at the same time. Albeit an unpleasant one.

    As for the hypocrisy from the Right, well, we did expect this. That’s all there is to expect from them. It’s all they are. It’s the Macaca thing, they feel it. It’s them.

    If Abraham Lincoln was alive today he’d be a Green.

    Great post.

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