Race, Republicans, Robertson, Rush & the Religious Right

Is this race week or something, because the hypocrisy of the Right, both Republican and Religious Right is amazing. Is there at least one Republican willing to instruct their party representatives, elected and not elected to keep quiet when it comes to race? The GOP isn’t exactly the Party of Inclusion it claims.

I wasn’t even trying to beat you up this week with race, but you leave no choice. How can anyone sit silently on the sidelines allowing untruths to go unchecked?

Rush Limbaugh:

Now I was waiting and hoping that no one, especially Republicans used the earthquake in Haiti as a political opportunity to attack President Obama. But then there is Rush Limbaugh.

What depth will you not go?

There’s so much one could say in a time of tragedy, but… never-mind. I would love to know where’s the conservative outrage of Rush Limbaugh’s comments. Where the calls for dismissal now of such a statement from within the GOP?

This is what all Rush “To Judgment” Limbaugh had to say about Haiti.

I’m just gonna tell you, if I was named envoy to Haiti, I’d quit government. Envoy to Haiti? You can’t even pick up a prostitute down there without genuine fear of AIDS.
First why would you be going to pick up prostitutes anyway, but I forgot that’s how you roll.

Let’s not forget this little remark. You know he’s an expert on race.

So where’s the Conservative Racial Outrage now?

Rush Limbaugh, I hope your words stain the remains of what existence of a conscious you have. How can you possibly use this as a political & racial opportunity to attack? Are you that committed to hate that it has completely blinded you to love and compassion?

I’m sure someone may try, but I see no defense for Rush Limbaugh.

Pat Robertson:

Listen & Watch what Pat Robertson had to say about Haiti.

Now Pat, why do you do this? So this earthquake in Haiti was the result of a deal with the Devil in the 19th Century with France to gain its freedom?

Now do you really want to go there?

We’ve went down this road earlier this week, but if you want me to keep hitting you over the head with this club I will. Maybe something will begin to sink into your harden heart.

Pat if you knew history beyond your own you would have known that Haiti is the only country to successfully free itself from slavery through a Slave Revolt.

I’m not going to waste my time trying to teach the unteachable. You make disproving you too easy. A simple Wikipedia search about Haiti would have enlightened you of the Haitian Revolution that you mistakenly referred to.

This is why so many people, specifically of color are turned off to the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Roberson and the Religious Right for the depth or should I say shallowness you demonstrate.

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14 thoughts on “Race, Republicans, Robertson, Rush & the Religious Right

    1. I was blown away, but had a feeling someone on the right would say something and try to use it. And they wonder why I question them.

      I’m about to really hit them hard soon. I’m just waiting to see if there’s any one on the right who’s going to speak out against Rush & Robertson, but I doubt many will have the courage to speak.

  1. Only if it were to benefit them in some way. That clown, Brown, who is trying to beat Coakley for Ted’s Senate seat is one to watch. He may came up with a disclaimer, before he loses that election that is.

    I’m waiting to hear from Steele. His silence will be the tale of his tape.

    And some wonder why I hate these people as much as I do…

    1. What is amazing is the Heritage Foundation, a Republican “Think” tank actually suggest President Obama send George W. Bush as special envoy to Haiti. (Link)

      This is a good idea, considering the responsiveness he demonstrated in New Orleans, the economy and many other disasters that occurred while he was in office, that began 01/20/2001 (That’s before September).

      Plus, President Obama already appointed Former President Clinton to that position awhile ago.

  2. You can now plainly see how hypercritical Pat Robertson is. Thou shall not judge or you Pat Robertson will be greatly judged! The Haiti people shall conquer this.
    And may God Bless them greatly! I believe we are all being judged on how we treat such a devastating situation as Haiti. Did you give me water when I was thirsty Pat Robertson? Or food when I was hungry? Or naked? Someday. Jesus will ask Pat Robertson these very questions. How will he and Jerry Farwell dare answer the Lord?

  3. At least Joe Scarbourgh Former Conservative Republican and Pat Buchanan slammed Limbough and Robertson this morning on Morning Joe.

  4. Tim,
    I know this subject is important to you … plus I realize that writing helped you with this frustrating event. But are Rush and Pat worth that much of your time and anger? Think about that b/c you are much better, thus don’t allow them to pull you down to their level. (Which I know won’t happen).

    Yes, it’s disgusting. Yes, the silent of too many Republicans is also disgusting. But at least Larry identified two who were willing to stand up for the right thing to do. I imagine that searching editorials would one could find other conservative writers doing the same. Of course the search would also reveal (sadly so) their supporters.

    I enjoyed these comments from Kathleen Parker.
    Surely, there should be the occasional time and place when circumstances transcend the usual and free us from the race-baiting and ignorance-pandering panhandling that characterizes so much of American politics: When God and Satan are given a holiday from the news cycle. When a president can be granted the pure motives of a good nation. When science isn’t an insult to the divine and no demon earns credit for human misery. Haiti is one of those places. Now should be one of those times.

    Thanks again Tim for all you do … stay the course!

    1. Frank,

      You’re correct. Rush Limbaugh isn’t really worth the time, but he has a huge microphone and so many amazingly believe what he says. After listening to a question a religious figure asked recently I’m incorporating that into my life when dealing with responding to people such as Rush Limbaugh. I’m still blown away by the silence of some and unwillingness to make people accountable, but you’ll see my solution later this week in form of a question.

      Probably the one thing that absolutely bothers many people, including myself about the GOP is they hypocrisy in terms of its reaction and response towards inclusion or concern for others who may not be like them. The Party has the opportunity to make real gains with groups other than the ones they presently enjoy and begin to diversify, but will not listen or incorporate the concerns of those not like the group that supports them. So they will continue to make the same mistakes that drives so many away. Rush Limbaugh promotes that with these statements and that’s what sincerely irritates me about him. He’s doing nothing to help.

      As for as Pat Robertson’s amazing statement… My problem with him has more on the lines of religion and World History, American History and culture than it has to do so much with politics. It’s absolutely inaccurate, perversion and revealing. I could literally deliver a Sunday School or History lesson on how off-base he is.

      Although there were some religious leaders who spoke out, the silence of the vast majority of Christians of all stripes were still tempered. But that’s also due to many American Christians of all races do not take the time to understand what it is they’re believing. As a Christian, there are things I still may not fully understand or know, but many are too lazy to explore the Bible to see what it REALLY says and means about the question. This is true in history too. Many Americans don’t know American History, which is sad. Much isn’t taught in schools, but Haiti played a vital role in the composition of the expansion of the U.S. we enjoy today.

      I’m probably more irritated over the inaccuracy of the statements than the intentions of the people who said them. My opinions of Rush Limbaugh are harsh to put it politely. I’ve always been a little tougher of ministers and Christians because of my close associations with both and family history, so I generally expect ministers and Christians to seek what’s true first.

      But you are correct and you will see even less references to Rush, until I get to debate him on race. Which would be Must See TV for sure. 🙂

    2. I have been on the course since the day I realized that I was hated by some people because of the color of my skin. I live in a area to where racism still exist, instead of sweeping it under a rug I bring things to light, that is the only way to make a change, you must address issues.

      Sammoto Yomosa Dabney
      Independent NEWS

      1. Sammoto Man! where have you been. I could have use you last year and the year before when I was writing about race during the campaign. I’m glad that you’re visiting this blog. You may like the next several post I have coming, because they all address various aspects of race from different points of views.

    3. Stop Racism, Start Uniting

      2010 is the year for change! People are fed up with people who are racist. Now is the time to let the world know, we are all human, we need to unite and focus on more important things such as Green jobs, and global warming!

      Sammoto Yomosa Dabney
      Independent NEWS

  5. I believe Rush Limbaugh has become too comfortable in his mess, I believe that he feels indestructible. It is very sad to see that Limbaugh, if he doesn’t change his ways, he will die an evil man. I believe Rush Limbaugh days of reckless behavior has been numbered. I think that something very powerful will impact his life to cause him to wake up and realize he will never disrupt GODs will. GOD has a perfect plan for all of us and NO man can impede this mission.

    Rush Limbaugh is very scared right now, he knows his racial battle is on the losing edge. We have a black president and many more minority leaders in the government, as well as, black leaders in the community. My experience as a former volunteer fire fighter has taught me one important reality; very often, many huge, disruptive, deadly, forceful fires, tend to release their last raft with a powerful and dramatic ending. I can predicted, the current actions of Rush Limbaugh are those of a raging fire in its final moment.

    Sammoto Yomosa Dabney
    Independent NEWS

  6. I believe Rush Limbaugh is the driving force for racism, if you take a look at his comments and views as a whole, his words consistently degrades minorities, and mainly Afro-Americans. This kind of behavior should not shock or alarm people of color. Our Afro-Americans ancestors have been racially challenged during their time with excruciating violence, governmental bigotry, and inhumane treatment.

    We as minorities should view Rush Limbaugh as a motivator for success, this man’s rude and racially charged comments will help many minorities to strive towards the ultimate American DREAM! Dr. Martin Luther King has given us the formula for this dream, all men & women should be consider as equal, and free at last!

    Limbaugh stated that the US should not send aid to Haiti, people of color dominate Haiti, I believe this is another one of his weak racially motivated acts on blacks, minorities, or any people of color. GOD will deal with Rush Limbaugh, GOD has already spoken to Limbaugh when he temporarily place him in a hospital bed, no matter how much money you have or even how big and powerful you think you are, it only take a small amount of energy to bring a person down!

    Sammoto Yomosa Dabney
    Independent NEWS

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