What have you done for others?

Despite the political, cultural, social and personal difficulties that were encountered that ultimately made today what it is nationally. I wanted to simply ask those who are inclined to take the time to ask yourself this question. It’s one that Dr. King himself asked and one that is privately convicting when you consider its message. “What have you done for others?”

So many words I could and want to say, but I will leave it as it is. What have you done for others?

Had to interrupt, but You’ve Got To Watch This One.

WOW! It’s amazing the extent some people will go to. What’s sad is that so many people in the Republican Tea Party think like this.

So I end again by saying, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR OTHERS? I spent the majority of 2009 writing about considering others and was called many things, but what is not being said but demonstrated in this last video is what the young Black man is doing. Despite the ridiculousness and abject closed-mindedness of these people he is having a dialogue. He’s considering what they have to say, while they’re unwilling to consider his point-of-view.

Sigh… WOW!


2 thoughts on “What have you done for others?

  1. These were just a few of so many things I wanted to include as illustration. What has been lost for so long is simply formed in a question. “What have you done for others?”

    In the end, most people may be surprised with what they have done or continue to do, think and speak. AMAZING.

  2. Although race is one issue, there’s so much that divides people – so the question you pose is applicable in so many situations …. and we both can go on and on. Thanks for the question on this day.

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