How We See Others

I ask that you embrace this challenge with sincere truthfulness and without any concerns of the perceptions others may or may not have.

I ask that you privately survey your immediate social environments. This could be your workplace, business, church, school, store, café or market. Without looking obvious or suspicious, I want you to give a general description of who you see. Whether on paper or electronically, give your initial description of who you see.

This may be a good indicator of how eclectic your social environments and/or the places where you choose to frequent are. You may discover something fascinating about the local society you live in.
Do not focus on how beautiful, artistic or even coherent your observations may be in comparison to any one else, because comparison is not the point of this exercise, but honesty is.

After you’ve completed this, list all of the common observations, characteristics or attributes of your list. Of that list I want you to share the commonalities, whether it is race, gender, age, class, weight/size, culture or style.

Results — You can submit your results as a comment or just provide a summary of your thoughts about what you discovered about the way you live. I will do my best to respond to each comment, if possible.

How we see others, may provide a clear picture of ourselves and help determine what we can do to improve.