Political Games: Red Team vs. Blue Team

So what does the win in Massachusetts for Scott Brown really mean?

Personally, as a Democrat I’m not all that upset over this. I do find it funny to listen to Republicans spin & proclamations, but I understand that this was a good night for them. So I’m not going to do the Republican thing and offer sorrow grapes, complain or be a sore loser. Congratulations, Senator-Elect Brown on winning this special election.

But watch out for the… oooh… mascot.

I may be critical of the GOP and what it represents, but I do try to be fair, honest, sincere and considerate, even when many Conservatives/Republicans refuse to do the same. The reason is because I know who I am, both personally and politically. But I do want Democrats and Republicans to listen intently to what I have to say about what this win really means.

I begin with asking a question of Republicans, especially those who supported John McCain in 2008. It is his comments that brought me to look at this win a bit more closely.

“…Massachusetts has spoken for the country…”

John isn’t that kind of much for an election. Yes, that’s typical Republicans spin. What can you do about it? Perhaps I can say New York has spoken for the country back in November.

Come on now, let’s get serious here. I know you’re happy, but seriously dude have you looked at the scoreboard lately? I hate to inform you of this, but you’re still losing.

Now don’t get me wrong, that was a good play you just ran, but that’s just a payback lick for us taking the 23rd Congressional Seat a few months ago in New York from you. Good block, now let’s get back to the line of scrimmage.

Here’s another way for Republicans & Democrats to think about what this win really means.

It’s the 3rd Quarter and the blue team has been stomping the red team up and down the field for the majority of the game. The red team’s fans are complaining to the refs about any and every call on each play. The blue team is talking trash and just sitting back having fun. They’re not worried at all, because the quarter back is the combination of Drew Brees & Payton Manning wrapped up in Donovan McNabb’s body. The blue team got so cocky that started to get sloppy and put their 2nd string in the game, but she fumbles the ball and the guy on the red team picked up the ball and ran it in for their first touch down of the game.

Now what do you think the reaction of the red team’s fans are going to be?

So the blue team fans are upset and blaming the quarterback, the offensive line, etc, but themselves. So who is going to be the one to tell the blue team that it’s alright and you can still win the ‘Clinic’ Bowl? Stop trippin’ Democrats and pay attention. You still have the rest of this quarter and the 4th quarter to play. Now is not the time to worry about one play.

Democrats, I hope this wakes you up. Shake it off, get back to the line of scrimmage (Washington DC) and let’s win this game. Al’ight.

Seriously, Tony Romo is their quarterback. (I’m sorry, just playing. The Dallas Cowboys is a fine team. They just got stomped last week.)

One thought on “Political Games: Red Team vs. Blue Team

  1. A lot of points here.

    1) Watching the mere joy from Republicans and gloom from Democrats is a prime example of the problem. This is not a football game folks!

    2) As Republicans jump for joy, the forgot that Mr. Brown is a MODERATE – the same category as John McCain .. that is the same one that the conservatives didn’t back.

    3) We don’t know if a “true conservative” would have won in Massachusetts, but doubt it.

    Yes, it’s a wake up call for Democrats, but it’s also a wake-up call for Republicans. Of course I wonder if either group has enough of a grip on reality to understand.

    Thanks Tim … well done.

    PS …. I tagged you today.

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