A Message for Democrats Only

My Fellow Democrats,

What is your problem?

Seriously, what is your problem? You’ve spent more time accommodating than legislating.

Who are you trying to please? Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman or some other weak minded Democrat. Each time you do this you do the Republicans a favor by contributing to an unintentional bipartisan effort of defeating true progress, yourself and the American people.

Instead of concerning yourself with how many votes you have for any given policy and constantly reacting to the non-sense Republicans are committed to and do the work the majority of the America people voted for you to do.

When the policy is practical and works to solve or remedy something, there isn’t much Republicans will be able to throw at it to derail or skew it. Yes, I know they will absolutely try, but that’s when you speak openly, concisely and boldly first to the American people. Then you address the misconceptions and deliberate lies promoted by Republicans, FOX News and their allies.

When will you stop playing the political games? When will the partisan bickering end? Perhaps when you become the Republican Party or what it is today, except with a (D) behind your name.

This is not the way to win an election if that’s the name of the game. You win the election by constructing, proposing and promoting policies for We The People, not We The Democrats and not We The Republicans. This is the problem in our political environment today. Many seek to be elected as if it is the American dream, while Americans live a nightmare. Country First, No. Party First, Politics Second, Lobbyist Third, Big Business Fourth and Americans last.

You may win election by lying and scheming, misleading voters and yourself. But for how long can your integrity stand for it?

Haven’t you learned anything from Republican mistakes? Haven’t we suffered enough at the hands of Republican policies? Yes, but now it continues to a lesser degree by a different name.

We diligently worked to get Barack Obama elected President. We tirelessly campaigned and supported Democrats both for Congress and Senate, but it can easily go away. President Obama can not do it alone, Republicans has proven that they’re party first, policy last or none at all.

There’s so much you can do politically that would enable you to enjoy greater majorities, but you’ve began to make yourself out to be a Republican Lite. What significant policy has the GOP introduced since 01/20/09? When you think of Republicans, you think No. When you describe the image of a Republican you are left with one image. Why do you, Democrats seek the same?

The way you will be elected is by your works, not schemes or how hard, cunning, quick or slick you responded to the political darts some Republicans threw at you. Do what you’re supposed to do and let us deal with Republicans and partisan attacks. Why must you stoop to the level of your opposition? Instead use there attack as an opportunity or leverage to raise the issue and discussion to where it should be. You owe it to those who voted for you and those who didn’t or couldn’t.

You have a majority. STOP ALLOWING REPUBLICANS TO DICTATE TO YOU AS IF THEY WERE THE MAJORITY, because they will eventually become the majority. Reconcile your mind and use reconciliation if you must, if it accomplishes the will of the people. DO SOMETHING OR GET OUT.

There’s a new Democrat emerging and they are getting restless. There vastly different the Republicans Tea Party folks, because they are not afraid of doing what must be done. I am only warning you to get up off your ass and kick the Republican’s ass with the majorities you still enjoy.

We understand that it was Republicans who took a surplus that was left by Bill Clinton and under Republican controlled White House; House & Senate until November 2006 lead us to where we are today. This is why you, Democrats were elected. This doesn’t mean that Republicans will ever acknowledge or ever be accountable for what was clearly caused by a conservative agenda. We can not focus or concern ourselves with them. Let them scream, protest and posture; you do the work of the people and let the people take care of the Republicans.

I don’t know how else to convey this to you. Running for political office wouldn’t make much of a difference, because I would then be a voice on the inside and subject to silencing by leadership and party elders. But as a Democrat who is not afraid of Republicans or bound by Democrats who act as if they were Republicans, I am telling you to wake up. It’s past time for you to be at work. Get Moving or Move Out Of The Way.


A Democrat!

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7 thoughts on “A Message for Democrats Only

  1. What’s really sad is, had Dems gone ahead with the 51 vote reconciliation and the Public Option, like everyone and their brother advised them to do months ago, none of this drama would exist.
    We would still have the Massachusetts senate seat and probably NJ governor too.

    I’ve said it a million times. Pragmatism is not an option when dealing with obstructionists. They’d better get their minds right and do it soon. Especially the President.

    1. Thank you. I just want to hit all 59 of them. I just wish they’ll let me address a Joint Session of Congress. I would dare anyone to say, “You Lie” when I’m finished.

  2. We done Tim … love the line about practical legislation …. and this about bickering and political games. Looking forward to reading the previous post.

    1. Well Frank. I’m just disappointed with both parties about now. Republicans could care less about what I have to say, regardless if I’m willing to listen and consider them, I have a (D) behind my name so it’s no go. Democrats are too afraid to do anything without approval. President Obama has the mind and ability to get things done, but is playing too much of a diplomat and mediator to do it.

      I want the President to do well, but I just wish he’ll step in or just hire me to be the bad guy. I’ll tell both parties the bitter truth, then hit them repeatedly upside their heads until they get it done. I’m literally at the point of becoming a left leaning Independent.

      The few Republicans & Democrats that are about something are silenced. I’ve seriously considered running for Bart Gordon’s seat, but what use would it be. Who would honestly listen or believe me. I just want to see things get done regardless of if it was a Rep or Dem idea. I’ve agreed with somethings Reps have proposed and some Dems. But these idiots in office now… I swear.

      What I have for Republicans is not friendly either, but it addresses a key issue. What are you doing for the American people.

      February will be a very interesting and provoking month to say the least, because I’m going to tie many issues together.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Amen, Brother Tim. I don’t think I would be in favor of simple majority rule in the Senate, nor would I want consequential bills to be passed only by one party. But the thing is: at any given time, there are probably about 30 liberals in the Senate, 30 conservatives, and 40 moderates — of either party. And when you’ve got 60 votes from liberals and moderates, you run with it. If the voters don’t like it, they’ll replace moderate Democrats with moderate Republicans, then the conservatives will have the chance to make policy. When the healthcare bill has been stretched out over 12 months like this with no end in sight, Congress appears weak — and even corrupt (see: Cornhusker Kickback) — not deliberative.

    The only thing worse than for the Democratic Congress to pass tough bills on energy and healthcare and financial regulation would be for them NOT to. Then they would have spent two years with their biggest majorities in a generation with next to nothing to show for it.

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