How Would You End Racism?

How would you end racism?

I’ve had this posed to me by someone who I have my doubts about their intentions in asking, but it’s still a good question. Perhaps they may very well have finally are coming around to understanding what it is I’ve been trying to get them to realize. So better late than never.

My answer may be too long and complicated for some to understand in one setting, but in short I resort back to my 2009 reoccurring blog theme; Consider Others. I believe this is a way that anyone can begin the process of answering this simple, yet difficult question.

But I want to know what you think. So without placing blame, share your thoughts with me on how you would end racism?


4 thoughts on “How Would You End Racism?

  1. First of all, I wish it was as simple as sprinkling magic dust so I could hit my That-was-Easy button.

    See past skin color, facial appearance, dress, language, customs, and other identifiers – thus treat others with respect – looks like mine is a variation of Consider Others.

    Communication with and learn to listen to others. It is through respectful dialogue with others that we learn and work beyond our views. Again, another variation of Consider Others.

    Great question Tim!

    1. I agree with you. There’s so many directions one can go on this question, but I believe those who may want to take a Biblical route to answering this question can conclude that the genesis of it all began in Genesis. (No pun intended) But I won’t get started on that one now.

      I’ve been discriminated against for various reasons. Even when I had my doubts I’ve always tried to not immediately suggest it was racially motivated, even when there was no other reason. There were times when it was clear that it was simply racially motivated, but the thing about it I saw the racism from more than just one race of people. When I pointed that out to both groups they got even more upset with me for comparing their similarities to each other.

      Some say certain public people are racist for various reasons, but they always seem to never look at themselves when they say that. I can say that David Duke is a racist and many will agree with me, but I have to the true reason why I dislike him. Is it because he’s White or lack of consideration, acceptance and concern towards Non-Whites?

      I can honestly say that we would probably get along very well. Maybe with the exception of NFL teams. 🙂

  2. We could always dye every human green. 🙂

    Oh, shit…..wait……then we’d just start hating on each other for the size of our feet. Or the length of our hair, or the color of our eyes…..

    That’s the sad thing about humanity. We will not rest until we have an excuse to begrudge another. Those of us who overcome this instinct are the winners.

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