What’s Your Perspective?

When is it appropriate for a moral or socially respected figure to demand that a person risk his or her social status for morality?

Is truth valuable enough to you that you’re willing to stand out, rather than blending in?

Is it morally right to ask someone who has been living a respectable, but silent life to risk losing or ostracizing themselves if doing so means transforming the moral life of others, not to mention their own?

Does your social acceptance have more importance or value than your morality?

When is it reasonable to bypass perception and speak to the conscious?

These questions may bother, provoke or challenge others, but those are the actions a question should enact. Don’t be afraid to think was the original title, but I rather know your perspective. 🙂


One thought on “What’s Your Perspective?

  1. Individuals can say (or write) anything they want, but one’s true value is how the act. In other words, do they practice what they preach?

    Although all of us are hypocritically to some extent, y comment isn’t directed at you, but for something for readers to ponder.

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