State of the Union (Part B)

— continued —

Export & Goods
Here’s another point that may have been overlooked that proves the commitment of some critics. The increase of U.S. exports & goods over the next five years is a basic concept that even the critics should comprehend. The more goods we make and export the more jobs it creates. So the doubling of our exports & goods is estimated in creating 2 million jobs. So of the 5 million remaining jobs our of the 7 million that were lost last year, minus the 2 million already created by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, this will leave us with only 3 more million jobs to create in his 2nd year of his Presidency in order to break even. How do you criticize creating more jobs if you’re going to campaign on being Pro-America? Yet and still some still are not satisfied.

Now the idea of rewarding success instead of failure is psychological, because it encourages instead of punish. To me the line, “Instead of funding the status-quo, we invest in reform” makes this point, because it emphasis the way we think about how we educate and not just education. Many things are taught, both for the good and bad of society and an individual.

Now those who knows anything about W.E.B. DuBois & Carter G. Woodson has to love this rhetorical remix, because what the President essentially has done was woven our commonalities that are vastly unspoken, rural vs. inner-city, rural is overwhelmingly White while inner-city is overwhelmingly Black & Latino and pointed out that neither can prosper without a decent education. I guarantee many of the people in that chamber; Black, White, Hispanic or Asian likely missed this. I’m sure the Haitian Ambassador or maybe Rep John Lewis got this nod, but I swear I love this speech. Brilliant if I have to say it by myself.

Changing how the financial subsidies are distributed and essentially applied is also important for someone like me who is presently seeking a return to college in hopes of teaching in one someday in addition to having my own practice. I face the financial question of, “How am I going to pay for this?” Degrees aren’t cheap. So being able to having to pay 10% of my income on Student Loans will not cripple me when I am counseling someone or teaching a course. Especially if all of the debt will be forgiven after 20 years or after 10 years if I choose a public career. (hint-hint) I don’t care what political affiliation you claim because if you’ve had to write that check for tuition out of your own pocket and not your parents this should mean something to you.

Health Insurance Reform
The person who does not want those who are uninsured to get health insurance by their participation, cooperation and incorporation of their opposition against healthcare reform proves their commitment by their demonstration. To believe the false and malicious propaganda subsidized by the health insurance industries with the cooperation of certain political and media establishments, fear and misguided half told truths have been fed to many Americans. Some say its government run healthcare, but try to tamper with their Medicare benefits and they will give you a tongue lashing without realizing where their Medicare comes from. The selfishness of not even wanting some to have the option of being able to afford healthcare insurance is revealing.

Some preach national security and defense, but only in terms of killing, and fail to address the enemy from within. So as Grandma or Uncle Joe is dying a slow and painful death because they can’t pay the insurance premium because they’ve lost their job or was dropped because of their illness, others are fighting to keep it that way, because it’s profitable. But yet, you complain you want your country back. Your country was never yours unless you’re a corporation and/or can afford the true freedoms of it.

Who are you with? Pass healthcare reform. If no Republicans are willing to stand with the best interest and wellbeing of Americans, Democrats you stand. Whether it’s 51 or 59 pass healthcare reform now.

The President had the courage to take this behemoth on and even accepted and acknowledges the lack of clarity of the specifics, despite the numerous attempts and opportunities he shared with everyone of those specifics and details that were not as loud as the noise by certain organizations and misleading political/media operatives.

How some have chosen to walk away from Americans who need this for the allure of the insurers dollar you have to admire someone willing to tackle such an issue. There’s a reason why so many doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals believe this is a great improvement to what we experience today, why can’t some members of Congress from both sides? Politics over patients is why. So in a phrase many who has selected politics over patience may understand or find familiar, I say “Get ‘er done”.

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