State of the Union (Part C)

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Deficit Spending & Straightening The Record
Now I’ve made this point so many times I shouldn’t have to summarize it, but… At the beginning of 2000 the U.S. had a budget SURPLUS of over $200 Billion. Now what was the name of the President who was in office prior to 01/20/01? Now by the time President Obama took office on 01/20/09 the U.S. had a budget DEFICIT of over $1 Trillion and projection of over $8 Trillion by the end of the next decade. Now what happen between 01/20/01 to 01/19/09 that lead to this? Keep in mind that the balance of power was not so until November 2006 so the vast majority of this can not be placed at the feet of both, but of one with some help of the other.

How did this happen?

Starting and not planning or even figuring out how to pay for two wars, two tax cuts with everything else all tied into two terms. This was BEFORE President Obama was sworn into office. So what would you propose he do is what everyone tries to do, but how fair is the analysis without knowledge of all that has made up this situation? Democrats do not like the 3 year spending freeze, Republicans should, but don’t want this President to be right on anything, even if it is for something they have previously campaigned on and publicly suggested.

Enforce discipline by veto is what not only Republicans need, but Democrats need too. Who do you [Congress] represent, the people or corporations?

That’s How Budging Works
After President Obama has left office and despite what proposed and enacted had been accounted and audited the next President will still face the same crisis that welcomed President Obama. Only if we continue to do what some have proposed, start over, slow down, essentially, nothing. The problem with this argument is that it’s what was done for 8 years.

Finally, the President is beginning to slap some people around.

The Deficit of Trust
The doubts of how Washington works is what has lead to the way many interact politically today. As long as we continue to not address the problems that ales us will be the length of our social misery.

Corporate Election & The Supreme Court
Giving corporations the power to influence elections and the glee of certain members of Congress is an indication of who they’re beholden to. When did Congress become Corporations top girl? Allowing for the potential prostitution of policy by corporations is not the way we should do business. Elections should be decided by the American people, not corporations or Supreme Court (ie. Florida 2000).

The President
What some have failed to realize is that we are not in a post-racial time, regardless how much they may seek it. To be so naïve to believe that the election of the first, not the 5th or even 17th President that wasn’t a White Male, but the first does not mean racism, sexism, classism and our partisanship has suddenly come to an end.

There will most likely be someone who will refuse to acknowledge reality of today, content with living in days that has long pass. Some will never be willing to open their minds beyond what the lies they’ve been told were true about someone like President Obama. We will never be good enough in their opinion, but that only assumes the skewed self image of the one assuming. Those who doubt his legitimacy in various areas can not be taken seriously. Those who refuse to admit that he has a good idea or fair policy can not be considered a reliable source when discussing policy. The President has the awesome task of trying to unite the state of America, but we are the ones who can do it.

I think the state of our union is strong, because we have someone who is honestly working to strengthen it the way it was originally intended.

There’s much more I can add, but will end here.


One thought on “State of the Union (Part C)

  1. Good commentary, as always. My favorite part: “Some preach national security and defense, but only in terms of killing, and fail to address the enemy from within. So as Grandma or Uncle Joe is dying a slow and painful death because they can’t pay the insurance premium because they’ve lost their job or was dropped because of their illness, others are fighting to keep it that way, because it’s profitable.”

    Republicans always can find justification to boost spending for war, but when it comes to investing in and restructuring our own country, that’s too socialist for them. Terror doesn’t always strike from the air on a clear blue day — sometimes it simmers over weeks and years, as the jobless remain unemployed, the ill remain without health insurance, and those who didn’t have access to quality education never can leave the life of drug and crime behind.

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