President Obama Takes Questions at GOP House Issues Conference

I simply love this guy. Despite what the fringe groups that has taken hold of the GOP, there are few who are reasonable. Although I have my doubts about the outcome from many of the participants of this specific conference in working with the President, but I commend him for this efforts for extending an olive branch again. Just maybe they will grab hold to it this time, but I have my doubts. Party First, Country Last is the mantra of the day.

The lack of mistrust is equal, but someone has to begin to trust if anything is going to happen.


One thought on “President Obama Takes Questions at GOP House Issues Conference

  1. After watching this conference in its entirety I have to say that I’m still unconvinced that any Republicans acknowledges, believes or even considers they have any fault or responsibility at all. The common factor with each Republicans Representative was placing blame on President Obama & Democrats for everything and not holding themselves to blame for any of it.

    The opposition has come from Republicans with some Democratic help. You’re on tape, video and print saying such. Do you not see any of that?

    Mike Pence, Marsha Blackburn and a few others were the worse. When did Bush ever consider anyone above Republican Party politics? It was few and far between. At least President Obama is willing to entertain the nonsense.

    If I’m speaking about something Conservatives hold dear critically, they’ll all over me with criticism all the while missing the point that has been made. Democrats are beginning to take after Republicans in their tactics too.

    So what’s the use dealing with a group of people, especially one who has a deficit of diversity in its membership, not only in ideas, but in the people it attracts?

    I applaud the President for trying, but this group is more committed to its own ideology regardless of its direction than the Conservative Citizens Council. (Look that one up)

    The issue is exactly as the President stated it and I have repeatedly written about for a few years now. Mistrust. Mistrust in every direction and few willing to do anything about it.

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