How do you unite the state of America?

I’ve gotten so fed up with the state of American politics, that I don’t think it’s worth the time and effort to untangle the web it’s woven for itself. After reading a story about Republicans, Democrats, Congress, The White House, November Elections etcetera I’m left with what I have to say below. Enjoy.

Republicans — You may believe you have an opportunity to make huge gains and take over the House & Senate this fall and anything is possible, but it’s unlikely. This is the reason why.

You have to contend with the factions within your own party who seeks to control the party’s message. That message has been a consistent one that continues to broaden the divide between the staunchly conservative Republicans and the moderate Republicans. It continues to broaden the divide between the Republicans and anyone who isn’t White, Christian or lives in the South. You have to contend with the Tea Party folks. I don’t know how you can silence this group of misinformed, scared and fringe of society Americans. They will continue to make the Republican Party look like the political arm of the Conservative Citizens Council. For those who don’t know who that is, and then look it up.

There isn’t any reason to get upset with me. If you would listen to what I’ve been telling you, you would realize the various hints I’ve given on this blog on how to make strong gains on the Democrats, but you won’t listen so, there you go. Enjoy the fight with the Tea-baggers. I hope you bring them to their electoral knees. (No pun intended)

Democrats – You may believe you’re safe this political season, but you’re not. What is a majority if you think like the minority? This has been your problem ever since November 2006 & 2008. Yes, Bush/Cheney are finally gone. Yeah! I’m happy to, but if you don’t use this opportunity to do something to rectify the turmoil and damage they inflicted to the middle class and lower then they will fall victim once again to the electoral vultures who only seek their support to get in power before they kick them back to the curb with their pants on the ground.

So Democrats it’s good that brains are back in Washington, but if you continue to act stupid then what can one smart person really achieve in a chamber of idiots?

I believe you can do this right only if you recognize who you should fight. It’s not the Republicans. They can continue to say No to anything and everything and complain and point fingers at you all day long. None of it will make a difference if you’re doing what you’re suppose to be doing and communicating that with the American people. As long as you continue to engage the Republicans with the same nonsense as they dish out, you will be nothing more than the minority party, regardless if you’re temporally in the majority.

Mainstream Media – I know it’s your job to report the story, but is it your job to distort the story too? SOME of you are intentionally scaring people who are already stressed and battered by the inundation of sensationalism. SOME of you are skewing the facts deliberately for ratings. This is not just FOX News, but unfortunately you can find it at times on MSNBC & CNN, not to mention others. People are listening and watching you. Some are naïve enough to give you more credibility than you deserve or have earned. The time for you to honestly report the news, challenge politicians and the people who protest of the truth in their facts and actions. If not, you should just change the title from news to entertainment.

Americans – Pay attention, think and research a variety of sources, not just the ones that leans towards your ideology. I personally think certain conservative radio show hosts are some of the most despicable people walking today, but if you consider what they’re saying and fact check it not with FOX News, but other organizations that are not in the business of ratings, subscribers or hits you may discover what really true. When and/if you do then you’re able to challenge those same folks with fairly measured truths on your side.

Also, consider others beyond yourself and your point-of-view. I may not always agree with some of my more conservative friends, but I’ve learned from them by listening to their concerns and perspectives and so have they from me. This is how you discover the truth, because what may be true for you may not be true for me. Consider other realities beyond your own.

The White House – Good luck. I’ve given up my consideration and desire to run for political office, but I wish you the best. This is true for the present administration and future administrations of any political party that has the true interests of American citizens at heart.

Conclusion — I give up. Don’t worry I’m still going to vote and continue to be involved in my civic participation opportunities, but I believe I believe my voice and voices like mine of both parties are not being heard over the constant chatter of the pundits, politicians and political prognosticators. I have to focus my attention on broader things than exclusive coverage of American politics as messed up as it has become. There’s other things that’s ruining the world and that’s what I’m going to focus more of my energy upon. Yes I will revisit American politics, but not as critically as before. Unfortunately it’s just not worth the efforts anymore.


2 thoughts on “How do you unite the state of America?

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think such a unity as we saw Bush squander just after 9/11 will ever be achievable again. I don’t think we ever really recovered from the division cause by the Vietnam war. BushCo’s bungling of the hunt for BinLaden and it’s subsequent desire to turn from the real fight and attack an innocent nation for profit is the primary factor in today’s divisions.

    Of all the evil things the Republican party has done since then, BushCo’s destruction of the intense unified feeling we had as a nation in the aftermath of 9/11 is what makes me hate them the most. We will never get that back.

    It’s my bad too. I want nothing to do with the Right Wing under any circumstances.

  2. Many good thoughts here Tim as you look at the whole through the individual pieces. Since I’ve done similar posts, I’ll mention a few things.

    All media is naturally biased, thus it is important that each of us filter through the information for what is it.

    Democratic Party can take the credit for giving the GOP newly-found traction. The bottom line is simple – they misread the voter mandate.

    … and I’m enjoying for move toward the (I).

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