Making the Case for School Segregation

Alright, I have an interesting question for all who are brave enough to answer this challenging question. Given the sexual harassment gay/lesbian teenagers face in addition to all of the other pressures of high school and being a teenager.

Here’s my question.

Is school segregation a viable alternative to harassment, meaning having a high …school for one group and another for another group?

Now for some this question goes against everything that came about during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s & 60’s beginning with Brown v Board of Education in Topeka, KS, to James Meredith at Ole Miss, the Little Rock Nine, desegregation in Chicago and Boston and so on.

For me to ask such a question is difficult, because I have benefited from the victories and gains achieved in all of the mentioned cases. I’ve read, listen and try to obtain all I can about this time period, because if it wasn’t for these events I may not be where I am today freely writing about segregation.

When I first entered school back in the mid-70’s all of this was still new, but have gone on long enough for people to be use to seeing a Black face in a sea of White ones. With the harassment I was subjected to although it wasn’t no where near as harsh as what so many others endured, I wondered if it would have made a difference if I had went to an all Black school or a boys school or even a school designated for heterosexual boys.

My intentions are not to criticize this article or the high school. I understand the purpose of it, although it challenges my understanding of the benefits of school desegregation. Share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions after reading this article about Homo High.

PS: I don’t like that name. Just as bad as Nigger Academy, Cracker College, Hispanic High, Asian Prep or Redskin Institute. Just doesn’t sound right.

References & Inspirations

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4 thoughts on “Making the Case for School Segregation

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    1. Well thank you. I appreciate that.

      Also nice site. I like the name Avoid Procrastination. Since avoidance is one of the problems and why people procrastinate. You should have a tag line that reads, “Do It Now” just for the fun of it. 🙂

  2. If you place a bunch of gays in an all gay school, you’ll have gays harassing other gays for not being gay enough. Or for not having your rainbow sticker on your car.
    I’m not gay and don’t really approve of the lifestyle. But I still have the need to understand someone who is because they are no less or no more human than I am. Understanding brings peace and peace and equality is the goal.
    I don’t have to approve of the way a person lives their life to recognize the fact that they are a person with feelings and needs that should be respected. The Golden Rule if you will.

    All white school? LOL! Been there and done that. We divided into Irish decent, Polish decent, German decent, Saxon….fought like animals.

    All black school? Red or Blue. And don’t get caught in the wrong end of the playground wearing the wrong color.

    No, I am still very grateful for the desegregation of the schools I attended. I have to understand people I perceive as being different from me in any way, shape or form. If I can’t associate with you, I can’t understand you. If I can’t understand you I can’t see the truth about you. If I can see the truth in you, we’re not different at all.

    People who put up walls between themselves and those they hate or fear or whatever always find that instead of keeping others out, they only imprison themselves in the end.
    Had I spent my life allowing myself to be a victim of my own apprehensions I ‘d be at a Tea Party somewhere making a fool of myself.


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