Why Democrats Should Support the Republican Tea Party

I’ve been asked for my thoughts on the Republican Tea Party ‘convention’ this past weekend and at first I really didn’t care too much about them, because I didn’t see it as a Demcractic problem, but a Republican problem. So after thinking about it this is what I have to say about it. I’m sure someone will hate me for it, but it is your choice to hate.

My Fellow Democrats — I have not lost my mind. I think you’ll find the meaning in this message quite delightful. Just sit back and enjoy the conversation.

True Republicans – All I can honestly say to you is good luck dealing with this infestation you have in your house. I’m happy to crush some of them if they escape from your reach, but you have a real problem on your hands. Good Luck.

Republican Tea Party – Although you will never believe it, I now thank you for the work that you’re doing. Your existence and constant cries to be seen and heard is a tremendous benefit to the work that I try to do. You help me spotlight the real issue that is helping destroy the U.S. So as a Democrat I’m asking you to keep it up while you can.

Why Democrats should support the Republican Tea Party?

Now some may think I have lost it by even suggesting Democrats support the Republican Tea Party, but think about what essentially they’re doing and you may understand why I say support them. Support them not in their ideology or actions, but support them by allowing them continue to speak and represent the Republican Party. The fire is within the GOP now and no effort by any Independent or Democrat can put it out. Some conservatives believe this is what the GOP needs, but in reality it isn’t.

Here’s where people will really get upset with me, but oh well.

This Republican Tea Party ‘movement’ is a politically, socially & culturally ideological cancer that is determined to consume the Republican Party. Although it has been diagnosed repeatedly by Democrats, Independents and even concerned and true Republicans it has gone untreated for decades and now it is a mass of itself onto the Republican Party at its most vulnerable time.

Some Democrats are missing the point and we waste our time addressing these people as if they were credible. It is not a Democratic problem, but a Republican problem. Listen to what I’m telling you Democrats. Address the Tea Party as it is, a Republican Problem because the warning signs have been there for decades and they have allowed it to fester into what is now labeled as the Republican Tea Party.

Watch how and what the Tea Party participants attack and you will find their weakness, because it’s what they are trying to cover up.

They are a threat to true Republicans, not Democrats as they want you to believe. Allow them to write their own history, because it is essentially what they are making the Republican Party; history.

No matter how much evidence you show them of how wrong, exlusionistic or hypocritical they are none of them have the mind to comprehend it. You can shut them down with knowledge of history; your history and theirs.

Try to understand it this way. No one wants to be called a racist, not even the racist. They know who they are and they know what they’re doing. An example to put it in perspective. Blacks, Jews, Latinos, Arabs, Asians and our Gay/Lesbian friend of these groups can not reform the White Supremecist; only Whites can do that because not all White people are racist. I would suggest many are not, but many choose to not address the racist as an attempt to minimize it. This is not a viable solution. Another example, if you were diagnose diagnosed with a disease you don’t say oh well or I don’t believe it, you get a second opinion and third if you wish. If the symptoms persist you would do something about it, right? This is essentially what the Republican Party has failed to do since the Southern Strategy was put into practice and now they have a serious problem. Some may refuse to admit it, but when you think of a Republican and/or even a Teabagger what’s the image that appears in your head? I guarantee it wasn’t a female or a person of color if you’re being honest. You can just do a Google image search on “Republican or Tea Party” if you’re unwilling to confront the question yourself and you’ll discover the commonality of the people within the images.

Democrats, lets stop fighting the Republican Tea Party folks as frustrated the hypocrisy may be and let Republicans define themselves. They will either side with these people who have infected their party or stand up for truth like the Republican Party was originally founded upon, not what some have made Republican/Conservativism out to mean today. Democrat you should take the time to learn the history of both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in addition to the U.S. history of discrimination, because many of these people don’t understand the social and cultural implications of what they’re doing and how it continues to stain the GOP.

These people of the Republican Tea Party are desperately seeking attention and acknowledgment from the broader society. Although it’s mostly unrealized to them, but the psychological impact of a changing cultural demographics and being socially, intellectually, economically, politically and culturally left behind subconsciously is what motivates them to do the things they’re doing and remain unaware of what it is that they’re essentially doing.

Politically speaking this is a Republican problem. Let Republicans address this issue. If they continue to avoid it, it’s just going to consume them and as a result the few true Republicans that may remain will not have the conscious to continue supporting such an ideology that goes against what they’ve been taught.

OK, you can hate me now if that’s you choice to hate.*


2 thoughts on “Why Democrats Should Support the Republican Tea Party

  1. Well said, The Some Republicans and mostly the supporters of the “Tea Party”
    including many people I know and care about think that this Tea Party is the future of America and many still support Succession from the Union, This type of thinking is very scary, I do think that very few if any of these Tea Party people will ever get elected, and if they are too loud I think that despite the Economy that always costs the party in power that the Democratic Party may..just may gain seats in both the house and senate, The problem is that these “Tea Party” People are angry, Most are Gun Owners who when reading the Bible says that God is telling them to rise up and revolt by any means necessary to get the job done. I say this because I know these people.

  2. Here’s another look at the Tea Party – they represent a segment of America that is angry with Washington. Now I’m one of those, but I don’t approve of the TP way they go about it and don’t agree with their message. Again, I’m not a happy camper. Bottom line is will either party listen to the anger?

    I wonder this about Sarah Palin: Is she uses the TP or is the TP using her? On the other hand, she, like the TP, represent only a small slice of voters.

    Good thoughts here Tim … as always.

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