Why Democrats Should Support the Republican Tea Party

2 thoughts on “Why Democrats Should Support the Republican Tea Party”

  1. Well said, The Some Republicans and mostly the supporters of the “Tea Party”
    including many people I know and care about think that this Tea Party is the future of America and many still support Succession from the Union, This type of thinking is very scary, I do think that very few if any of these Tea Party people will ever get elected, and if they are too loud I think that despite the Economy that always costs the party in power that the Democratic Party may..just may gain seats in both the house and senate, The problem is that these “Tea Party” People are angry, Most are Gun Owners who when reading the Bible says that God is telling them to rise up and revolt by any means necessary to get the job done. I say this because I know these people.

  2. Here’s another look at the Tea Party – they represent a segment of America that is angry with Washington. Now I’m one of those, but I don’t approve of the TP way they go about it and don’t agree with their message. Again, I’m not a happy camper. Bottom line is will either party listen to the anger?

    I wonder this about Sarah Palin: Is she uses the TP or is the TP using her? On the other hand, she, like the TP, represent only a small slice of voters.

    Good thoughts here Tim … as always.

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