Using Lies As Alibis

How much better would your life be if the people who made a promise to you only kept their word? The disappointment, reallocation and sorrow it may have brought could have been easily avoided.

Now I’m not referring to the things that are out of the control of that person or hinged on a collection of events. I’m speaking about the things the people you know have promised. This should be applied to the things we say too. Because if we’re honest with ourselves, we must admit that we are equally as guilty as the person who has essentially lied to us.

When your kids ask you about, for or to do something and you give them the word that it’s alright and you don’t do it you begin the cycle of setting your children up. Yes things happen, but when you develop a pattern of disappointment you’re allowing resentment into the relationship. It may not be a big deal for you or even the other person for that incident or occasion, but allow it to happen frequently and you’re giving place to doubt.

You want to have a reputation that allows people to have confidence in your word. Whether that is with your children, spouse, family, friends, business associate or even the person who approaches you with a question, be honest.

I believe one of the most difficult things to do is also one of the simplest. That is to let your words mean something. What you say or write should mean more to you than they do to others, because their yours. So when you say you’re going to do something, make it a priority that it is or becomes true and realistic.

I want to play in the Super Bowl and score every touchdown, but that’s never going to happen. So it wouldn’t make sense for me to even say that I’m going to do that. Plus I’m pass the NFL playing age, unless I want to be immediately injured or I’m Brent Farve. I wanted to run for President, but I know that I will say something a little too truthful for some that would scare them and eventually could derail my campaign. Plus the things I’ve written would be packaged in such a way to deligitimize me in someway, so I’ve chosen to consider other ‘public options’.

My point is that we spend too much times believing the lies told to us. I want even mention any news channels, journals, posts, organizations or individuals, because it’s not worth the time and effort.

Once we begin to consider others and embrace what is true is when we begin to experience honesty, sincerity and trust of one another. Doubt has no place with you when you begin to practice this in your daily living. Trails may come your way, but they will not be able to set up residence with your character because your reputation precedes you.

What we think, write, speak and believe is what can bind or free us. Be a man/woman of your word, before committing yourself to a promise you are unable to keep.