Becoming Independent

I’ve heard people say that their an Independent, but is this an excuse?

Now to all of my friends who are Independent this is not a swipe at you, but just a question. I ask it because I’ve considered becoming an Independent, but when I force myself to be absolutely truthful to what that means I find that I can’t do it.

To be an Independent politically speaking means you do not have any apprehensions in voting for a candidate of any political party. I simply can not see myself voting for any Republicans now.

The few that I don’t have a tremendous problem with such as, Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL), Former Secretary of State Colin Powell (R-NY), Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NB), Former Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL), Former Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK), I can’t vote for because I don’t live in the state where they’re running and I would have to have an honest reason why they still affiliate with such a party that has a long track record of inequality, overlooking or slow responding to discrimination and general non-concern for diversity.

I have yet heard ANY Republican address these issues with the exception of Gen. Colin Powell. When he has come forth and speaks truth about it he has been attacked by his fellow Republicans. So I simply can not see how honest it would be for me to consider myself an Independent when I would have such difficulties voting for a Republican.

Now it doesn’t mean I won’t listen and sincerely consider what the Republican has to say, because with my example I have obviously taken the time to listen to them and found areas of agreement. But far too long this has been a one-way street.

Sadly, the Democrats are slowly moving in the same direction in some areas as the GOP. With the exception to addressing the various issues of diversity, many of the DNC are more concerned with how Republicans feel and having a ‘super majority’ than the majority of the issues that is affecting a super majority of the American people. You can pass healthcare reform, but you’re too concerned with getting elected and what conservatives who will and has said NO to anything and everything regardless if it was their idea. I’m all for working together in the spirit of bipartisanship, but if the other side doesn’t want to work with you.

Listen, I can’t trust Republicans for anything except to reinforce fear and refuse to live up to what their party was originally founded upon. This is not the Party of Lincoln as my conservative friends attempts to argue with me as an attempt to pursuade me. That party has been over for a long time. I know there are a handful of good Republicans and some noble Democrats remaining, but you’re being overshaddowed by the hypocrisy, sheer ignorance of history and oblivious of others of the Republican Tea Party folks, weak mindedness of Conservative Democrats and even the silence or lack of assertiveness of Progressive Democrats. So who can a person vote for? It’s not the Republicans unless you choose to endorse the exclusionistic tactics, it’s not the Democrats unless you choose to close your eyes and hope for someone to do something. Becoming an Independent isn’t a real choice in my opinion, because there’s no real choice.


One thought on “Becoming Independent

  1. Sometimes I wonder if being an independent today is more as a “thing to do at the time.” ,…. more of a pop-culture trend. So I all the independent stuff with a grain of salt.

    On Sept 22, 2008 I posted my view of moderate-independent characteristics.

    Because of today’s polarization by both parties, independents remain the largest voting block without representation on Capitol Hill and in lobbies. At this point, I foresee many independents voting more against a candidate instead of for a candidate.

    Good thoughts Tim!

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