Why Democrats Should Support Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson in TX GOP Primary Today

Now I’ve reference this same point for months now and even suggested Democrats to vote for the Republican Kay Bailey-Hutchinson in the Texas Republican Primary for these reasons.

The Democratic challenger, Bill White is the Democratic front runner who’s polling very well against Rick Perry if he was to win.

The second reason is that Gov. Rick Perry’s has yet been able to receive more than 50% of the Republican Primary vote, which will ensure a runoff with the equally conservative outrageous Debra Medina.

Now if Kay Bailey-Hutchison actually pulls the upset and wins the runoff, Bill White is more likely to win, because the Republican Teabagger/Secessionists who Rick Perry plays to and Debra Medina says she represents will stay home on election day in November.

While it would be fascinating to watch Perry and Medina try and out-crazy each other in the name of “Conservativism” during the runoff, the thought of Medina — who makes Perry seem like some sort of technocratic moderate — as governor of the second-largest state in the country is too scary to contemplate.

Rick Perry is a corrupt, shallow, pseudo-Christian among other thins, that Texas Democrats should jump at any chance to finally get rid of him.

This is why I wrote “Let The M.F. Burn”, “Why Democrats Should Support the Republican Tea Party”and “My Problem With The Republican Party”. It’s not to give actually support, but just not opposing them so much. The Republican Party has a cancer on its hand and it believes these people are the answer to defeating Democrats. They will not listen to the few real Republicans that remain, they’re rather listen to Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Tom Tancredo, Rush Limbaugh & FOX ‘News’.

When it has gotten so crazy that Republicans rather leave their party than deal with the Conservative Citizens Council it’s become. When John McCain, Kay Bailey-Hutchinson and Charley Crist is going up against a Republican Tea Party challenger it’s not the Democrats the Republicans have to worry about it’s those Teabaggers who calls themselves Republicans, Republicans has to worry about because they’re destroying and making an absolute mockery of what was the GOP.

I’m not worried about those who disagree with this post, because I know I’m right on this one. I’ve written warning after warning for months and now watching the GOP walk its last mile to that political elephant cemetery where many true Republicans have gone to rest. If nothing else, Tea Party people at least have the decency to form a legal political party instead of hijacking the Republican Party.