White, Male & Conservative?

I’m going to ask everyone who identifies themselves as a Republicans/Conservative to be honest enough to answer a simple and sincere question. I know the history of the Republican Party, so I do not need anyone to attempt to explain it to me, because I’ve written about the GOP of yesterday many times. I’m speaking primarily about the Republican Party as it is today.

What will it become in the future if we consider what it has become today? Each time I’ve addressed this question in its various forms to those who has identified themselves to me as a Republican, Conservative or even a Tea Party protester none were willing to address it or give an honest answer. Just a political attack. I do not want to attack the GOP, but ask for an honest answer from the members of the GOP on its future if the trends in its member demographics continue.

So here is my question to Republicans/Conservatives. I mean no harm, but very interested in receiving your answer. If you’re a Republican/Conservative/Teabagger, you should be able to answer this question.

Why is the overwhelming majority of the Republican Party’s membership, elected officials and the self-identified Republicans, Conservative or Teabagger primarily White men?

If it’s not true, then you should be able to prove that with facts, right?
Yes, I know the Republican Party has members who are not White men, so it’s not exclusively White but the vast majority of its members are. I’m interested in what is so attractive about the Republican Party to White people that aren’t as attractive to everyone else?

I’m honestly not trying to attack you, make fun or criticize you. “Some of my best friends are White, Male & Conservative

I really want to learn what it is about the GOP that attracts White people more than all other races of people in the United States. You tell me it’s not about race, so why does the GOP consists of more Whites than any other race? You must have an answer for that.

If the claims of non-exclusionary tactics are true and/or to be believed, then there must be at least one White Conservatives/Republicans who believe in their party enough to provide a true answer to this question.

Yes, I am well aware of the few non-white males who are Republicans and that’s why I want to reiterate a keyword in my question OVERWHELMINGLY. I have a slightly different question for this minority (no pun intended) soon.

I’m open-minded enough to consider other point-of-views even when I’m accused for not doing so.

The explanations I’ve heard in the past in defense of the Republican Party in terms of its lack of diversity are that it’s “The Party of Lincoln” argument. This is only true on the paper in history textbooks, because it is not representative of the party as it is today.

Some may seek to avoid the question by mentioning Michael Steele, Colin Powell & Condoleezza Rice as proof. I would advice that you not take that path, unless you’re ready to go into a more in-depth conversation. Like I previous mentioned I have a question for this group too.

I don’t need to be a Republican to know and have an appreciation of the history of the Republican Party. My motives are to understand how a political party that has routinely identify and position itself more than any other political party with White men overwhelmingly more than any other group. This in midst of a continuously evolving multicultural society. This question is not about any other political party except for the one mention. There’s little reason to place blame, on liberals, Democrats or any other name one wishes to use. This question offers the opportunity for consideration, sincerity and honest reflection in order to provide a solid answer.

So I ask this question to my Republican and Conservative friends in hopes someone has courage enough to embrace me with an answer.

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