The Monkey that’s on America’s Back

Before I begin I want to ask those who may blindly take the position that this is an attempt to attack the Right politically to just read the article. You will find no where in this post I am coming against anyone politically. I’m only seek to teach you something. So put your political rocks down before you hurt yourself.

Now I would like for you to check out the first line of the first link below under the references and inspirations for this article. Andrew McLemore’s article states a truth about the mentality of the unconscious racist that I want to point out. He begins the article with this line, “I don’t care who you are, this is funny.”

Now the truth about that statement is the first part of it, because it demonstrates the lack of concern and cultural awareness. In fact many people who are unaware simply don’t care, thus the influx of stories we continue to hear about this and accusations of racism.

The question that continues to remain unaddressed sufficiently is the patience, persistence and compassion to teach those who believe and have difficulties comprehending the problem with this sort of behavior.

Beyond the cultural awareness and sensitivity, beyond the outrage and accusations there lies the problem of race. That’s the monkey that remains on the back of ALL Americans. The truth is that no matter your race you are in some way affected by race. This is true whether is by an unrealized privilege or bias.

So what can be done about it?

If I had the ultimate answer to that question and the ability to force everyone to do it, then I would be dangerous. What I believe can be done is what I continue to strive to do, address the substance of the issue and use it as an opportunity to conquer this problem that continues to go unresolved.

Who can stop it?

We can stop it, but WE must have the knowledge, experience and courage to speak with passion and compassion about the problem from multiple points-of-concerns. We are the victimizers and we are the victims. We have the power to stop it, because we are the actors in this dark drama or racism.

Why does it continue to exist?

It continues to exist because many people are too afraid or was taught to not address it any issue of race. So it goes ignored or dismissed as in isolated incident, left to fester in the spirit and psyche of those it offends the most until the next time.

The problem is not that the CEO of the Tennessee Hospitality Association thought that a comparison of a chimpanzee and the First Lady Michelle Obama was funny, but the fact he was unaware of the racial implications and history of the comparison. But he is not alone in his racial abyss because many people, despite the growing number of reported incidents continue to miss the point. So they respond defensively, confused or shocked when they are accused of racism.

Those who accuse someone of racism should begin to do so with a spirit of compassion instead of reaction. Typically the person may not understand or have taken the opportunity to understand the implications of their actions, speech or behaviors. Thus the protests, counter-protest, opposition and confusion between the accused and the accuser.

So I ask again, that WE take the opportunity to once again open ourselves up to the possibility to be taught and to learn from this mistake. I guarantee it will occur again.

No one wants to be labeled a racist, because of its social and moral implications. Few are willing to accept the responsibilities of the racist, because having the mindset to hate based on the superficial characteristic of ones skin proves your moral shallowness and inept social abilities to cope with others. You demonstrate your inferiority complex by using the guise of superiority over another. Those you dislike feed this by playing along by reacting to you as if you were superior and not just someone with a psychological disorder. But I will stop before I go too deep into what essentially is a racist because this isn’t the proper forum for that level of discussion. So I will conclude the topic at-hand by suggesting WE should sincerely work towards a better understanding of each other. Put away the mistrust and listen.

I’m sure I’ll have another opportunity to revisit this topic, so until next time consider others beyond yourself.

References & Inspirations
The Raw Story – 03/06/10 “Tenn. CEO compares Michelle Obama to Chimpanzee
The Associated Press – 03/07/10 “E-mail compares first lady to Tarzan’s Cheeta

4 thoughts on “The Monkey that’s on America’s Back

  1. The monkey on America’s back manifested itself in that Michelle Obama-monkey cartoon. It’s sickening really. But thank God that illustrator got the ax. Sometimes, there is justice, and a lot of white people hate racists, too.

    1. I’ll admit my bias, because I simply love it when intelligent and beautiful women respond. Because It’s their intelligence I find so beautiful 😀

  2. Very Sad… no excuse for that type of language. I agree with what you said about why and how it continues to exist. The only thing I would add is our society’s communication problem. Yea that is kind of generalizing but to be an effective communicator you must understand your audiences perspective. This rarely comes to fruition, especially regarding race.

    1. Hey Tim.

      Thanks for revisiting.

      This is only one example. But these are the same people (the ones who do this and find it funny) who when confronted with what they’re doing would say that they’re not racist or they don’t see it. Thus the continuation of the life of the unconscious racist. They just don’t get it, even when you’re giving them the answer.

      I have had conservatives who initially misunderstood what I was saying as an offense to the GOP when it comes to race, but over time began to learn and realize what it is I’m doing and eventually told me they get now. I never said Democrats don’t have issues with race, discrimination, bias, etc, but it’s no where near the levels we’re seeing among those who self-identifying themselves with the GOP. I’m honestly trying to warn the GOP to do something about it, because it’s taking over the party and even I as a Democrat know that’s not what the GOP originally stood for. These people are killing the party. Until something is done about it, Democrats will continue to use this club to hit Republicans over the head with until they do something.

      It’s like when you have to join forces with your enemy to defeat a mutual enemy.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting.

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