I’m here because of Natoma

I’ve tried to stay somewhat neutral on this whole healthcare reform debate. I’ve raised issues with those who has opposed it despite the realities of those who are dying both from a health standpoint and from a financial standpoint because of health insurance coverage.

I’ve listened to those who ignorantly used fear and hate to  make their point, while omitting the consequences of their proposals if they even produced one. We have heard the arguements from the extreme right for why we don’t need it, because they obvious have insurance so to Hell with anyone else. All the while misunderstanding the meaning of ‘Option’. It would be different if it was called “Public Manditory”. I’ve listened to the more sensible moderate Republicans try to discuss their proposal and see it get shouted down or ignored by the extreme right-wing of their party.

I’ve listened to Democrats who preferred a watered down version of reform, because they were more concerned with politics than policy. I personally contacted my own Congressman, a White Male Democrat, to urge him to not consider the nonsense of the Lilly White Conservative Mobs, but to look at the spectrum of individuals who he represents who may not be like myself and have health insurance but like my neighbor who ultimately died because she and her husband couldn’t afford health insurance. My neighbors don’t look like me, nor did they vote like me, but I was the one they felt comfortable enough to speak to about their situation.

So I personally don’t care about those who are so committed to their own narrow confines of comprehension and consideration of others in regards to healthcare reform.

I had a gentleman who lives in another country (outside of the U.S.) who emailed me a few months back who made a statement that I wish I had a response for, but didn’t. He said…

I just don’t understand why some people in your country (U.S.) are so content with voting against their interests. I don’t have any connections to either of your countries two political parties, but the U.S. Republican Party is trying to get away with murder.”

Now I didn’t know what to really say, because he never talked to me about American Politics because he didn’t live here. It was other issues, so when he said this I could only take what he said seriously and as a true unbiased opinion.

Today I can’t even take many of those who disagree seriously with healthcare reform seriously because they typically only provide me with name calling, hate speech and Republican Talking Points. The common sense of the GOP, the moderate voice within the Republican party has been silence for the more loud and outrageous voice of the so-called ‘patriots’.  This is unfortunate, because now there are no opportunities for true dialogue.

So as President Obama was speaking in Ohio a few days ago, this story hit home for why there’s a need for healthcare reform. I can’t say if my neighbor had healthcare insurance that was more affordable if they would still be living to see reform pass, but I’m sure it could have helped.

So as those who have nothing constructive to say will seek to criticize, discredit, mock or do what you do best against what is written. I want you to know that I like the majority of the country and the world has moved on. We’re leaving you behind. Good luck and Goodbye.

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